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The News Minute | January 14, 2015 | 7.13 pm IST It was taking Make in India to new heights. Apparently, the Mafia killed Sunanda Pushkar. Shockingly, Italian mafia who were Made in India killed an Indian woman. And the most shocking thing of all, was that Shashi Tharoor knew that the mafia had killed his wife, or at least he knew something about the mafia. The investigations were in full swing a few months ago, and then there was a lull. Its started again and poor Indian news viewers (English, Hindi and even Malayalam) have been tortured to no end in the past one week about 'the biggest murder mystery of India', according to one channel. (Subhash Chandra Bose's mystery death takes a backseat now) But of course, other journalists begged to differ. Their highly placed sources were telling them that Tharoor had no idea who killed his wife. To uphold the lofty ideals of their hallowed profession, these journalists followed their nose for news. They persisted, endured, woke up at odd hours, skipped meals, and lost sleep as they did their best to follow Tharoor and find out whether he really did it not. No expense was too much. One channel followed him across the skies. They dint spare the smallest of efforts. Someone else was closer to home. It was shocking, the idea that he be allowed to the bathroom without the presence of the media. They were, after all, dedicating so much of their time and energy into finding out who killed his wife. Even as the news channels knew that Shashi Tharoor had some inkling about who killed his wife, and also the exact opposite, they learned that running visuals of him again and again running away from the mikes was not enough for the news hungry viewer's appetite. Soon some attention turned to Sanjay Dewan, Sunanda’s friend, who saw her the day she died. Why did he not call an ambulance, but called a cardiologist? But wait, they forgot about Mehr Tarar and Shashi Tharoor. The photograph of the pair of them at some award function was flashed on screen, as Tarar went from channel to channel saying she will co-operate with any investigation. There was also a woman (not Mehr Tarar) who apparently looked a lot like Tharoor. Maybe she was a distant relative. The news hounds began to sniff around her as well. Anything for the truth. Now, one of the most sacred rules of good journalism is to present a balanced view of things. So far, the channels were just bothered about Shashi Tharoor, and sometimes forget that the story was actually about his wife, who is now dead. In deference to enlightenment, they persisted with their efforts to talk to Sunanda’s friends – Mehr (already introduced), Narayan (Sunanda’s aide), and Sunil Sahab (Sunanda’s friend). Balance, fairness, get it? And just to ensure that there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Sunanda is actually dead, some took it upon themselves to show all her bruises in rather eloquent detail. Like the editors of many regional films and entertainment channels, they zoomed in and out of certain specific parts. In this case, her injuries and bruises. So there, her death was established. 362-day Report Card This report card of the real investigation into the death of Sundanda Puskshar has been brought to you on the 362nd day since her death. Therefore, the report card. When someone talks incessantly about the same things over and over again, us small town folks call the person a broken tape recorder that is stuck on just one subject (But what we are actually referring to is the tape playing machines. It’s just one of those inexplicable small town things). A woman has died and the police are investigating. But who is going to fix the broken tape recorder? Tweet
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