Hyderabad clocked the highest average speed of 24.8 kmph, followed by Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Kolkata.

Ola covered 6 billion km in 2019 Bengaluru took most rides on weekdays
Atom Transportation Friday, December 27, 2019 - 13:19

In 2019, Ola rides covered a distance of 6 billion kilometres in total. That, the company claims, is more than a kilometre for every person in Asia. According to ‘Ola Hyperdrive 2019’, which gathered insights from 200+ cities across different categories of Ola, Rs 20.87 crore (Rs 20, 87, 62, 289) was saved with discounts.

In terms of categories, Ola claims that Ola Share rides enabled in keeping 1.4 million cars off the road in 2019. Ola Outstation covered 366 million kms across 10,000 destinations in India, enough for a trip to Jupiter. Ola Bike covered a total of 166 million kms and Ola’s top bike-partner travelled 38,289 kms. Ola Autos, on the other, covered 1200 million kms.

In terms of cities, Hyderabad clocked the highest average speed of 24.8 kmph, followed by Delhi (23.5 kmph), Chennai (23.1 kmph), Mumbai (22.7 kmph), Pune (22.6 kmph), Bengaluru (21.2 kmph) and Kolkata (19.4 kmph).

On an average, Bengaluru left for work earlier than the rest, at 9:30 am, followed by Pune and Delhi, who headed out at 9:41 AM and 9:42 AM respectively.


The total distance covered on Ola from Bengaluru was 914 million kms, out of which Ola Auto and Ola Bike covered 313 million kms and 233 million kms respectively. Of this, the city clocked 92 million kms of night travel between 10 pm to 6 am, behind Delhi who clocked 141 million kms and Mumbai who clocked 104 million kms.

Of all the cities in the country, Bengaluru took the most number of Olas during the week with 65 million rides from Monday to Friday and on the weekend as well with 25 million rides between Saturday and Sunday

Two Bengaluru driver partners Azeez Khan took 2415 and Yaseen Sharif took 2329 night rides and led all markets for taking the maximum number of rides at night.


Chennai travelled a total distance of 612 million kms, securing a fourth position behind Delhi (1 billion kms), Bengaluru (914 million kms) and Mumbai (806 million kms).

Chennai was also the second highest city to travel in Ola Auto, clocking 237 million kms, only behind Delhi who travelled 313 million kms.

On average, people from Chennai using Ola left for work at 10:14 AM and left the office at 6:30 pm, while it travelled the most between 6am-10pm.


Hyderabad travelled a total of 437 million kms, securing fifth position behind Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chennai.

Amongst all the cities in India, Hyderabad remained a clear winner in highest distance covered on Ola Bike, recording 37 million kms using the category.

On an average, Hyderbadis using Ola left for work at 10:43 AM and left the office at 6:17 pm.

The study also found that the residents of Hyderabad preferred travelling more during the day (6 AM to 10 PM) by clocking 388 million kms while recording 49 million kms during the nighttime (10 PM to 6 AM).

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