B Jaya was suspended for alleged failure to respond to calls made by the Deputy Mayor.

Officer gets suspended for allegedly hanging up on Bengaluru Deputy MayorSP Hemalatha/Facebook
news Thursday, June 02, 2016 - 10:13

Herohalli sub-division’s assistant revenue officer (in-charge) was suspended on Thursday for alleged failure to respond to calls made by the Deputy Mayor.

The Commissioner issued the suspension order to B Jaya, on the basis of a letter by Deputy Mayor SP Hemalatha on Janurary 25 alleging that Jaya failed to respond to her calls and deliver the files she had asked for.

According to reports, Jaya’s failure to respond to the call is in contravention of the Karnataka Civil Service Rules 1957. Hemalatha has been quoted as saying that “Jaya’s actions were ridiculous and that she is not qualified to hold the post”.

In her letter addressed to the commissioner, Hemalatha alleged that on January 22, Jaya failed to bring a file she had asked for and later arrogantly disconnected the call.

"It was around 5pm and when I called back, she said that she could not come at that time and arrogantly disconnected the call," the deputy mayor writes in her letter.

The KCM Act bestows upon the Mayor the power to call upon any records pertaining to the corporation from the commissioner, but the same power is not enjoyed by the Deputy Mayor. However, Hemalatha refuted the argument and claimed that she had powers, equivalent to the Mayor.

Jaya claimed that the Deputy mayor asked her to bifurcate Khata of one property in Doddabidarakal village, which was against the law.

“Until the betterment charge is paid, the land Khata cannot be bifurcated and the matter is already pending in the High Court. This was the issue that I brought to the deputy mayor's notice,” she was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, the BBMP employee union has decided to meet the Commissioner to demand withdrawal of Jaya’s suspension.