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The News Minute| December 4, 2014| 2.13 pm IST A post by Youtube on its Google+ profile which read "We never thought a video would be watched in numbers greater than a 32-bit integer (=2,147,483,647 views), but that was before we met PSY. "Gangnam Style" has been viewed so many times we had to upgrade to a 64-bit integer (9,223,372,036,854,775,808)"! "Hover over the counter in PSY's video to see a little math magic and stay tuned for bigger and bigger numbers on YouTube.  The video which was uploaded in July, 2012  has over 2.15 billion views and has broken the counter limitations set by Youtube, so Google had to build a new one only so that could fit in the ever-growing viewers. According to a report on Slate, the counter used by Google earlier could only display integers up to 2^31 – 1 or 2,147,438,647 which was assumed to be safe number of expected views on Youtube. As the number of views for Psy’s Gangam style continue to increase, Google decided to add an extra feature and can be seen if you hover the mouse over the view counter.
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