Now Godzilla to welcome you to Tokyo

Now Godzilla to welcome you to Tokyo
Now Godzilla to welcome you to Tokyo
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You’re never going to guess who Tokyo’s latest tourism ambassador is. The monster responsible for stomping all over the town and eating copious amounts of fish is now all set to be Tokyo’s tourism ambassador. 

According to Associated Press (AP), Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward has officially named Godzilla as a resident and as the tourism ambassador. Last week, a massive Godzilla head (171 ft above the ground) was unveiled, conveniently sitting on the roof of the Toho building where the monster first made its debut on the silver screen.

At an awards ceremony last week, AP quotes Shinjuku Mayor Kenichi Yoshizumi as telling the world that “Godzilla is a character that is the pride of Japan” and it’s hard to argue otherwise. Godzilla was a commercial success that rapidly emerged as one of the most famous products in the history of Japanese cinema. That might explain the decision to cash in and to increasingly start using its products to sell Japan and Japanese culture to tourists.

Toho will be releasing its latest Godzilla movie in 2016 and the next week will see a hotel in the Shinjuku ward install its own Godzilla effigy on its rooftop as a part of its grand opening.

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