'Nothing to be ashamed of': Telugu actor Navya Swamy shares a message after getting COVID-19

Navya Swamy plays the lead roles in popular daily serials ‘Naa Peru Meenakshi’ and 'Aame Katha’.
TV actor Navya Swamy
TV actor Navya Swamy
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Telugu serial actor Navya Swamy, who recently tested positive for coronavirus, shared a hopeful message on her Instagram page on Wednesday. Navya, who plays the lead role in popular serials like Naa Peru Meenakshi and Aame Katha, shared that she was under isolation and taking medication.

Asking everyone who had recently been in contact with her to take the necessary precautions, she urged people not to panic or stigmatise people who have the disease.

“There is nothing to panic about, there is nothing to be ashamed of. I know people talk all bullshit, so please don’t give your ears to all the rumours. Stay away from negativity please,” she said. “Even at the worst case if you are tested positive there is nothing to be worried about. Stay strong, take it easy. All that you have to do is isolate yourself, stay away from people till that virus dies in you, because that’s the only way we’re gonna break the chain,” she added.

Navya, who has previously acted in Tamil and Kannada TV serials as well, said that she was doing “absolutely fine.” “The very next minute I was tested positive, I consulted my doctor and I isolated myself immediately. I am taking proper medication, proper supplementation. I am eating all the healthy and nutritious food to build my immunity. So I request all my friends who were in touch with me of late and all the people who were close to me in the past week to please isolate yourself or get the COVID test done, if in case you see any symptoms as such,” Navya said. 

Television and film shooting have recently resumed in Telangana after a three-month break. Many channels like Zee Telugu and ETV have started to air new episodes of popular serials, which had been paused due to the pandemic. 

According to India Today, Navya had been shooting for Naa Peru Meenakshi when she got tested for the virus. Speaking to Times of India, Navya said that shooting had to be resumed even though it might have been unsafe, owing to the competition in the television industry.

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