‘Not right to blame Mohanlal for decision by EC:’ AMMA responds to WCC

In a letter, AMMA member Jagadeesh writes why the film body decided to pass the buck from the Executive Committee to the General Body with regard to reinstating actor Dileep.
‘Not right to blame Mohanlal for decision by EC:’ AMMA responds to WCC
‘Not right to blame Mohanlal for decision by EC:’ AMMA responds to WCC
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The Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA) has not taken a stand on actor Dileep, accused of masterminding the sexual assault of a colleague, as to whether he is guilty or innocent. Actor Jagadeesh, on behalf of AMMA, wrote a letter to answer the questions raised by members of the Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) at a press conference on Saturday.

In his letter, he reiterates the argument that AMMA had been making ever since it reinstated Dileep, hardly a year after his ouster following his arrest in the actor assault case. He said that the executive committee’s earlier decision to expel Dileep had no legal validity and was therefore transferred to the general body. The general body decided that it was not right to expel the accused actor till a court ruled him guilty.

Jagadeesh then writes about AMMA’s meeting with actors Revathy, Padmapriya and Parvathy, who did not agree with the general body decision. Both parties had come to an understanding that they could seek the advice of a legal expert, regarding the decision. While AMMA was advised that the general body can decide, Revathy, Padmapriya and Parvathy were advised that the Executive Committee could decide.

He clarifies this with the case of late actor Thilakan, who too had once been expelled by the film body. Jagadeesh writes that AMMA’s advocate argued that in Thilakan’s case, the general body was agreeing to the Executive Committee’s decision. But in Dileep’s case, the decision had been taken by the general body and so the right to nullify it belongs to the general body.

AMMA president Mohanlal had said that he was only happy to reinstate the women actors who had resigned from the film body following the decision to bring back Dileep. He had also assured Revathy, Padmapriya and Parvathy that all the issues could be resolved through love and understanding. “It is not right that Mohanlal is now blamed for a decision jointly made by the Executive Committee,” Jagadeesh writes.

It is while trying to resolve the issue that Kerala was struck by one of the worst floods the state has seen. Many actors like Kaviyoor Ponnamma were affected in the flood and AMMA’s priority had been to help rehabilitate them. The film body had also contributed Rs 50 lakh to the government for flood relief.

AMMA members are now planning a show in the Gulf for further fundraising. They are preparing for it, but would call another general body meeting without much delay, and expect to take the morally right decision that goes beyond rules.

AMMA also welcomes minister AK Balan’s statement for government intervention in the problem. The film body would give its full support to the government’s efforts to solve the problem.

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