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The News Minute | October 15, 2014 | 03:02 pm IST She was a 12 year-old girl from Norway all set to marry a 37 year-old man.  Supposedly, Norway’s first child bride, information about Thea's impending ‘wedding’which she blogged about on her site was read by over half a million readers. Her blogs gave everyday updates on the preparations for the wedding as she talked about her marriage to 37 year-old Geir. Even as the blog went live, many outraged readers got the issue trending on Twitter, some even notified the police in Norway said reports.  However, slowly it was revealed that whole idea was a marketing campaign aiming to raise awareness about forced marriages of under-aged girls across the world. The organization Pan International which aims at bringing the spotlight on the 39,000 children forced into marriage everyday organized the 'wedding' in an attempt to make people understand the issue through a fictionalized story of Thea, reported Independent.  On the United Nation's International Day for the girl child, the 'wedding' occured.  Watch to know what happened.    
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