No segregation of boys and girls in Farook college, Kozhikode claim students in new video

"I have never told anyone that the college is a madrassa," says college principal.
No segregation of boys and girls in Farook college, Kozhikode claim students in new video
No segregation of boys and girls in Farook college, Kozhikode claim students in new video
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In another twist to the issue involving college protests against the management of Farook college, Kozhikode over segregation of boys and girls, students have denied the existence of such an issue in a new video.

The Youtube video put together by the college’s Department of Multimedia Communication shows students blaming social media for creating a situation that is not factually correct and rejecting the thought of any segregation of boys and girls on the campus.  

The students also said that those who were apparently suspended by the management left the classroom as per their own volition. They added, “We don't understand why these activists and media are protesting against a non-issue.”

"We have more freedom here than students of other campuses," the students added.

Further, principal E P Imbichikoya has vehemently denied comparing the college to a madrassa.

He said, “I have been in this college for 38 years and have been a part of all the affairs related to this college. I have never told anyone that the college is a madrassa. The action we took against indiscipline was twisted out of context and explained in many other ways.”

On October 20, Dinu and eight friends were asked to leave the class and warned not to enter the campus till they brought their parents, as the boys and girls had shared benches during their Malayalam language class.

Later, when the parents met college authorities, the management asked students to submit written apologies.

Though the others apologised, mostly yielding to compulsion from their parents, Dinu refused as he staunchly believed he had done nothing wrong.

Dinu, an IIT dropout, had said that there are strict instructions from the management that girls and boys cannot do a stage performance together in which prior rehearsals are needed.

"They think that only a physical relationship can develop when a boy and girl sit or talk together,” he had said.

When the controversy had first broken out, the college had said that boys and girls sitting together on a bench doesn’t suit the ‘culture’ of the 67-year-old institution.

After the incident, there were many protests inside the campus both in support and against the management action. Many political leaders like VT Balram MLA and Thomas Isaac MLA had criticized the management for its action.

Here is the video:

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