Flix Tuesday, April 14, 2015 - 05:30
A doctored image posing as a tweet by ANI has caught the attention of the news agency which has threatened legal consequences against those responsible for it and issued a clarification on Twitter.  The “photoshopped tweet” which mocks the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi started doing the rounds on social media and ANI were quick to clarify that it wasn’t them. Modi is currently visiting Germany after his recent visit to France. This is a photoshopped tweet. ANI has got nothing to do with it. Legal action will be taken against those responsible pic.twitter.com/CZcWnFJgX8 — ANI (@ANI_news) April 14, 2015 The editor of ANI, Smita Prakash, aside from mentioning that the tweet was indeed fake, also accused the social media head of the AAP, Ankit Lal, of doctoring the image. Lal, though, was quick to clarify that he wasn't responsible for it and that he had only re-tweeted it. Lal also asked Prakash and ANI not to play a "blame-game" on the social networking platform. He apologised though for not checking the authenticity of the tweet.   Here is the exchange. This is a photoshopped tweet by @ankitlal . ANI did not tweet it nor did the PM say it. https://t.co/OuC2Hft278 — Smita Prakash (@smitaprakash) April 14, 2015 .@smitaprakash the image was not created by me. It has been circulating online for a while. Deleted it after I realized it was fake, — Ankit Lal (@ankitlal) April 14, 2015 I request @smitaprakash nd @ANI_news to find the person who made fake Tweet and take legal action not just play blame game on Twitter! — Ankit Lal (@ankitlal) April 14, 2015 .@smitaprakash, the kind of things Modi ji is speaking on tour I didn't find the statement exceptional. That's why tweeted without verifying — Ankit Lal (@ankitlal) April 14, 2015 .@smitaprakash However I do realize that I should have verified the authenticity of the Tweet which I didn't and my apologies fr it. — Ankit Lal (@ankitlal) April 14, 2015 Tweet Follow @thenewsminute