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The News Minute | October 8, 2014 | 12:45 pm IST Gone are the days when one had to mark attendance in a file at the reception of a government office and gone are the days the public could complain about empty government offices. A Biometric Attendance System launched by the Central government has taken the term transparency in the government¬†to a whole new level with the quantity of information it provides on daily activities of Central government offices and its employees. Strikingly designed, the website launched this week shows the total number of employees currently present in government offices on a given day graphically. For example, of the total 148 organizations registered with the system so far, it showed that 24,182 employees were present on Wednesday of the total 49,496 registered employees.¬† Called Biometric Attendance system(BAS), the website will allow government organizations to record attendance of its employees on an online portal by linking it up with their Aadhaar cards. Any organization that wants to start using BAS for its employees will have to register first followed by registration for its employees using their Aadhaar numbers, thus making the unique ID numbers mandatory. Those who do not possess an Aadhaar number need to register with the UIDAI before they can register with the system. The portal which is open to public viewing will allow anyone with an internet connection to see the total number of employees in each organization registered, the employees registered with the system which can be exported on an Excel sheet too and studied. The Cabinet Secretary which has been registered shows that out of the total 300 employees it has, 211 of its employees have been verified by Aadhaar. The information is even more detailed providing the exact number of employees at the Rashtrapati Bhawan, the Janpath Hotel and so on. The best part is that details of each employee√Ę‚ā¨‚ĄĘs name, designation and in-time for work is also logged and available for public viewing. Since it is an online attendance system, active devices in the form of either an Android tablet or a Desktop PC are placed at the government offices to allow officials to log in. While some of these devices are described as not functional, the number and device type for each of these devices is described. This one below shows the functional devices at the Yojana Bhavan office of the Planning Commission. Apart from the detailed reports on each department and its employees, the website also hosts a dashboard displaying reports on the number of employees present on a given day , total number of employees registered via Aadhaar and the authentication response through desktop and tablet devices.¬† With a system like this in place, it will be quite a simple task for monitoring and tracking government employees and their daily work schedule.¬†
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