The yellow giant was decorated with balloons and prepped for the D-day.

No cars no horses Ktaka man takes wife home in a JCB machine after weddingChethan and Mamata
news Wedding Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 16:27

A peculiar sight unfolded at Parpunja of Puttur Taluk on Monday. A newly married couple were returning home after their wedding ceremony – sitting on a decorated JCB machine.

Chethan Kallakatta, the groom, has been operating a JCB machine for over a decade. And when the 27-year-old got married, his friends thought it would be a good idea for his beloved machine to figure in the celebration as the couple’s first ride.

And so, the yellow giant was decorated with balloons and prepped for the D-day.

But there was one glitch. Speaking to TNM, Chethan revealed that his wife, 22-year-old Mamata, was not as happy about the idea as him or his friends.

“She was scared and refused to sit on the JCB. Then I told her that I have been working with the JCB every day for years, so she need not worry about it. Then she then got the confidence to sit on it since I was there,” Chethan shared.

To add to the already eccentric procession, the couple did not even sit inside the compartment containing the driver’s seat – they sat on the scoop of the machine!

And it looks like the couple had fun too - the photos seem to indicate that they could barely control their laughter.

When asked if he did not want to sit on a horse or in a car instead, Chethan said that he prefers the JCB as the other rides scare him. “The JCB is familiar as I sit in it daily,” he said.

The photos of the incident were taken and shared by Chethan’s friends.

“Everyone was happy seeing us like that. We did not have to arrange another vehicle for us to go after the wedding. We went home from the wedding hall around 4pm like this,” he said.

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