The core committee meeting that was held for the past 11 days to review measures taken to curb Nipah, ended on Thursday.

Nipah outbreak in Kerala under control 47 people on observation list relieved Representational image
news Nipah Virus Friday, June 14, 2019 - 07:40

With Nipah outbreak coming under control, and no cases being reported except that of the 23-year-old Ernakulam resident, about 47 people who were included in the observation list were relieved on Thursday.

These people were in house quarantine as they had been included in the list of persons who had been in contact with the patient. They were relieved as the persons hadn’t shown any distant symptoms of infection after the 21days of incubation period.

About 283 people are still remaining in the observation list; they are expected to be relieved in the coming days. The state government will give an official declaration about Nipah in the coming days after everyone on the observation list gets relieved.

Meanwhile, the health condition of the patient continues to improve. His treatment is continuing at a private hospital in Kochi.

The officials also stated that two more people who were in the isolation ward at Kalamassery Medical College, were discharged on Thursday. There are four more people in the isolation ward at present.

The core committee meeting which reviewed Nipah outbreak held its last meeting in Ernakulam district collectorate on Thursday as the situation has become almost completely under control. But the control room numbers will remain operational for now. 

The Health department in the state has completed checking the details of deaths reported in Kerala. A total of 1,798 cases were there, but none had any symptoms of Nipah.

About 4,000 people in the state were given training program related to prevention of Nipah outbreak. A team from National Institute of Virology (NIV) Pune headed by Dr DT Mourya, director of the institute, conducted demonstration classes for health officials in Ernakulam on how to wear personal protection equipment kits and gave training on lab tests. 

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