In Mangaluru, the Bajrang Dal has asked for a ban on DJ parties and dancing as it will increase cases of ‘love jihad’.

New Year dance parties ruin womens reputation Bajrang Dal calls for banImage: Richard Clyborne of MusicStrive
news Moral Policing Wednesday, December 27, 2017 - 18:37

New Year’s Eve is around the corner and moral policing has already begun in Mangaluru. The Bajrang Dal wants restrictions on the party scene in the coastal city on New Years’s Eve and are blaming drugs, sex and ‘Love Jihad’ for it.

On Wednesday, Dakshina Kannada Bajrang Dal President, Sharan Pumpwell, met Mangaluru Police Commissioner TR Suresh and submitted a petition to ban DJ nights, dancing in pubs and also to impose a curfew for bars.

“In the name of New Year, there is explicit dancing in DJ parties and alcohol is being served at several hotels, pubs and public places, which are conducting parties. I am bringing this to your notice. These parties are derived from western culture. The VHP and Bajarang Dal stand strongly opposed to it. Already, in the name of love jihad, innocent girls are being cheated. The girls are being trapped into taking part in these programs,” Sharan Pumpwell’s petition reads.

The petition goes on to say that youths in Kerala and Dakshina Kannada district have indulged in “love jihad” and that the “drugs and sex mafia” will take advantage of the parties.

“There are chances of drugs mafia and sex mafia (exact word in the petition) heightening their operations. Hence, DJ parties, alcohol and explicit dancing must be banned in restaurants and bars on New Year’s eve. All bars, pubs and hotels must shut down by 11 pm,” the petition adds.

Speaking to TNM, Sharan Pumpwell said that he had submitted the petition to “protect the women of Mangaluru from taking the wrong path”.

“There are some youth who take advantage of innocent women and as it is the cases of love jihad are increasing. They lure the girls to these kinds of parties and then they end up becoming victims of love jihad. Some people have put up huge flex banners which are promoting beach parties and also DJ nights at pubs. It is at these kinds of places that explicit dancing takes place. In order to ensure that the reputation of under aged girls and women are not tarnished, we submitted a petition to the Police Commissioner,” he added.

The leader of the Hindutva group said that the Police Commissioner had accepted his petition and had assured him that no illegal activities will take place.

“The Commissioner told us that he will not let illegal activities to prevail. He has not mentioned anything else as of now,” Sharan Pumpwell added.

Main Image: Richard Clyborne of MusicStrive

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