The government has issued a set of guidelines that owners, employees and customers have to follow.

A staff sanitising a visitor's bag at a mall.
Coronavirus Guidelines Monday, June 15, 2020 - 14:10

As Kerala has reopened commercial establishments, the state government has issued health guidelines for the functioning of such establishments, including malls and restaurants, on Monday.

> All employees and customers must wear masks at all times. Customers and employees must wash hands with soap and water, or cleanse with hand sanitisers on entering and existing such establishments. The establishment must make arrangements for this.

> Employees or customers should not bring children below 10 years old. Similarly, customers above 60 years old, with illnesses, should avoid visits to such spaces.

> Employees and customers with fever, cough or breathing difficulty should not enter the building. They should contact DISHA and follow instructions.

> Physical distancing norms must be followed to limit the crowd. Such establishments should have a queue system or prior booking system in place to avoid crowding.

> Open all windows and doors for proper ventilation. If air-conditioners are used, ensure there is an air-exchange rate of six per hour, that is replacing the air inside with air from outside. AC temperature must be set at 24 degrees Celsius. Open windows and other outlets at regular intervals. Exhaust fans at toilets, washrooms and kitchens should be fully functional during the working hours.

> Encourage customers to use online services or self-service kiosks as far as possible.

> After every interaction or transaction between staff and customers — exchanging items or cash transaction — they must use clean their hands.

> Thermal screening can be conducted on employees every day before resuming work. Employees with headache, throat pain, fever, cough or diarrhoea, even if it is mild, should stay away from work. They can contact DISHA and follow their instructions.

> Avoid closed cabin interaction between customers and employees. As far as possible, use screens between customers and staff.

> All touch-points, such as tables, touchscreens, railing and lifts, should clean with 1 hypochlorite solution or a solution of water and bleaching powder (30 g) every one hour.

> Avoid exchanging or using common pens. Cashiers should not use saliva to count cash.

> Encourage contact-less cash transaction using an e-wallet or UPI pin

> Use disposable paper cups to service water, beverages and other refreshments.

> These instructions, including maintaining physical distancing and cough etiquette (sneezing or coughing into elbow), should be displayed at the entrance in a prominent spot.