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The News Minute| December 10, 2014| 1.00 pm IST History remembers the likes of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Saddam Hussein as some of the most terrible dictators the world has ever seen; Each of the tyrants responsible for the deaths and suppression of many in their respective countries. Documentaries and books have been written about every dictator that history has seen, detailing their personal and political lives in the minutest fashion. But how many of them wrote about the daily lives of these people? Not many. Victoria Clark and Melissa Scott decided to inform the world about the culinary habits of these infamous personalities and set about writing a book that would be both, culinary and historical. Dictators’ Dinners: A Bad Taste Guide to Entertaining Tyrants talks of every dictator and his culinary likes and dislikes and also provides the reader with the recipes of the favourite dishes of all the tyrants. This most unique book looks at many tyrants and their eating habits. The list is quite interesting: Adolf Hitler, who was supposed to be a strict vegetarian but apparently  was a closet carnivore,  and loved petits poussins à la Hambourg, a dish of baby pigeons stuffed with tongue liver and pistachios. (Image: Adolf Hitler. Source: www.independent.uk) Italian dictator, Mussolini actually hated pasta but loved roughly chopped garlic with oil and lemon. (Image: Benito Mussolini. Source: www.bbc.uk) Joseph Stalin, the Russian leader, loved to torture his officers with 6 hour long banquets which involved so much drinking of sweet liquor that his guests would spend the night puking and incontinent. (Image: Joseph Stalin) Muammar Gaddafi apparently loved his camel meat with couscous and dry fruits, a middle-eastern specialty. (Image: Muammar Gaddafi) The infamous Saddam Hussein would demand for only the best beef and lamb and would order raw olives only from the Golan Heights. (Image: Saddam Hussein) Hastings Banda, Malawi’s leader would apparently love snacking on dried mopane worms. (Image: Hastings Banda) The book also enumerates the quirks and habits of the men at the dining table. Kim Jong-il, the North Korean leader, who passed away in 2011, actually had an army of women who would measure that each grain of rice consumed by the leader would be of the same exact size. (Image: Kim Jong-il) The two authors have spent years researching and compiling all the interesting information that offers insight into these terrible and powerful men. In an article written by them for BBC UK, they give us an insight into their book. The article, funnily also mentions that many of these terrible leaders had digestive problems, most commonly flatulence due to the extravagant nature of the leaders’ eating habits.
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