NEET killed Anitha: Put Chutney expresses emotions many in Tamil Nadu feel

"If you want uniformity in entrance tests, have you given uniformity in access to education?"
NEET killed Anitha: Put Chutney expresses emotions many in Tamil Nadu feel
NEET killed Anitha: Put Chutney expresses emotions many in Tamil Nadu feel
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The suicide of student Anitha, who spearheaded the fight against the NEET exam, has shaken Tamil Nadu.

Strong reactions have been pouring in from different quarters ever since the news broke out on Friday.

Put Chutney, a Tamil YouTube channel which has frequently commented on current issues, has now put up a video titled Who Killed Anitha that encapsulates the anger and frustration that many from the state feel.

In the video, Raj Mohan launches a scathing attack on the political establishment that failed the students so miserably. Beginning with a 'Thamizh vanakkam', Raj Mohan goes on to read the headlines from various newspapers that have covered Anitha's suicide. He then says that Anitha did not commit suicide but that she was murdered.

"She was murdered by us, who were calling ourselves Oviya's army, by politicians who were playing happily on swings in resorts, she was killed by the injustice system in India," he says.

Noting that the argument for NEET has been uniformity in the entrance exam, Raj Mohan asks the pertinent question - has uniformity in access to education been given to all students?

"There are toll booths and ATMs in every nook and corner but do government schools have toilets?" he asks.

Raj Mohan says that for a student like Anitha to come up and score such marks from a place like Ariyalur was in itself an achievement. "Are you saying that a girl like her will have the same exposure level of a student from Alwarpet and Mylapore?" he questions. Alwarpet and Mylapore are typically upper class and upper caste areas in Chennai.

He also goes after Dr Krishnasamy of Puthiya Tamilagam party who has been supporting the NEET exam and speaking against Anitha on TV debates. "Which exam did you pass to become a doctor?" asks Raj Mohan. Citing the example of a Salem doctor who collected only Rs 20 as fees and whose death prompted thousands to come for his funeral, Raj Mohan asks which NEET exam he had passed

.Reminding viewers that a student like her who comes from a village would have worked for her people, he says that at least a thousand people's lives would have been saved. "Instead, we couldn't save her life," he says.

"She wanted to wear a white coat and go to a hospital, but we've wrapped a white sheet around her and sent her to the mortuary." Raj Mohan also mentions the fact that while we praise womanhood, we don't respect a girl who fought the odds to come up in life.

Going after a film reviewer who had earlier tweeted about 'parenting' in connection to Anitha's suicide, Raj Mohan tears into the view that this unfortunate event could have been prevented by 'better parenting.' He also points out that while there was great interest in stopping Blue Whale suicides by the authorities, similar interest was not shown in stopping the 'NEET game.'

Raj Mohan slams the TN government as a 'duplicate government' for failing the students. He makes an appeal to young people not to give up their lives because everything in the country takes time to come, except pizza and food from Swiggy. The video ends with Anitha's voice, explaining why she was against the NEET.


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