Nalapad's victim has trouble breathing, kin may move him to another city for treatment

As his nose and cheek bones are badly fractured, Vidvat – who was brutally assaulted by MLA NA Haris’s son, Nalapad – still has difficulty breathing.
Nalapad's victim has trouble breathing, kin may move him to another city for treatment
Nalapad's victim has trouble breathing, kin may move him to another city for treatment
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Almost a week after he was brutally assaulted by a gang – including former Bengaluru City Youth Congress General Secretary Mohammed Haris Nalapad, the son of MLA NA Haris – Vidvat is still having difficulty breathing due to a nasal fracture.

His distraught family is seeing if they can shift him to a hospital in Singapore or Mumbai in a bid to ensure he receives better treatment, his kin have said.

Dr Mallikarjuna, Head of Operations at Mallya Hospital, says that Vidvat is having trouble breathing and that he has developed an eye infection due to severe clotting.

“He has subconjunctival haemorrhages, which means that there is internal bleeding under his face. This has led to the clotting. His cheekbones have been fractured too. He has high fever and is conscious, but unable to speak,” Dr Mallikarjun said.

Vidvat has also broken nine ribs. Doctors are keeping a close eye on his condition as they suspect the fractures could lead to more internal damage.

Sources in the hospital said that his lungs are intact, but there is a chance they may get damaged unless he receives treatment.

Dr Mallikarjun added that Vidvat has been put on a liquid diet and is in extreme pain if he even tries breathing, let alone talk.

Meanwhile, Nalapad, said in his bail application that the political opposition was trying to malign his image by fooling the media.

“Meanwhile electronic media and political parties protested outside Cubbon Park Police Station. The petitioner humbly submits that there are no antecedents of criminal records against him. The petitioner is aged about 28 years and he was the General Secretary of Bengaluru Youth Congress and was in an iconic position. A conspiracy has been hatched in order to tarnish the image of his father, sitting MLA and also to destroy the career of the petitioner, who is a budding political aspirant,” Nalapad’s bail application states.

On Thursday night, MLA NA Haris and his wife visited Mallya Hospital and tried to persuade Vidvat’s father J Loganathan to not oppose Nalapad’s bail plea in court on Friday.

“Haris had come with his wife. He told Vidvat’s father that his son would not get bail if the application was opposed. He also told him that he would talk some sense into his son and promised him that Nalapad would not abscond if granted bail. Vidvat’s father just got up, went and called the doctor, who told Haris and his wife to leave,” Vidvat’s friend who was at the hospital said.

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