This isn’t the first time that Ashwin has lashed out against his father.

N Srinivasan has a gay past that has made him homophobic alleges estranged gay sonPTI/file photo
news Monday, June 20, 2016 - 12:37

In the backdrop of the recent Orlando killings, son of former BCCI chairman and ICC president N Srinivasan, Ashwin Srinivasan has likened his father to be a closet gay in the past and exhibit homophobia like that of the Orlando killer.

"Just like the Orlando killer Omar Mateen, my father N Srinivasan too is wracked with guilt over his own gay past. He is transfer-projecting that on us and hence his homophobia takes on a rarely seen venality," Ashwin was quoted in the DNA report.

This isn’t the first time that Ashwin has lashed out against his father. Many times in the past, Ashwin has claimed that his father was trying to separate him and his partner, often using force.

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Previously, in 2012, DNA had reported how Ashwin was allegedly held captive by his mother Chitra and father N Srinivasan with the help of a doctor who administered heroin to him and his partner Avi Mukherjee to cure his ‘homosexuality’.

"Later, they reduced the drug intake and made it irregular. Avi and I started experiencing heightened stress and hypersensitivity, sleeplessness, anxiety, couldn't even hold on to a thought for longer than a minute. Dr Khanna, who we were seeing, wouldn't let us on to why this was happening and we finally looked it up on the net to find that we were suffering from Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome," Ashwin was quoted in the 2012 report.

“We're being held captive against our will and tortured by my father who wants me to break up with Avi, get married and have children to further the family line," he added. 


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