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Keerthi Prakasam| The News Minute| May 9, 2014| 1.03 am IST A committee constituted under the guidance of the Supreme Court has started its work of estimating wealth in the famous Padmanabhaswamy Temple of Kerala. Though 5 vaults in the temple have been opened, one vault- the secret vault b has been unopened till now. As the committee inches closer to opening this secret vault, the legends, myths, beliefs and superstitions have resurfaced. A 'devaprasnam' (questions asked to God) done had apparently said that the vault should not be opened, as that would unleash catastrophe. Ocean's wrath will be unleashed Some reports claimed that about a century ago, in the midst of a famine, temple officials tried to break open the chamber but stopped upon hearing what sounded like rushing water. According to some the vault connects to the Arabian Sea, and once you open it the water will enter through these vaults and flood the entire city. The Snake god theory Most of the superstitions and beliefs around the B vault stem from the engravings on the door of the vault, which resembles a large cobra. The religious significance of King Cobra in Hindu mythology is well known, and the Lord Vishnu, the main deity of the temple, also reclines in the coils of a five headed cobra, the king of nagas. Some hold that the door is protected by the snake god, and can only be opened by Sadhus familiar who know chant a a hymn called “Garuda Mantra”. But experts and followers of Hindu mythology say that there is no such expert in India right now. On the flip side, they believe that if the vault is opened by man-made techniques, it will lead to catastrophes. The curse The first ruling by the Supreme Court to assess the wealth of the temple came after an advocate TP Sunder Rajan filed a writ petition in a Kerala court. Sunder Rajan passed away in July 2011.The unexpected death of Sunder Rajan was described by many as a backlash of the “Lord, the wrath of Padmanabha swamy". Many believe that opening the vault without the prescribed puja will only disturb the “curse”. “All the property of the temple belongs to Lord Padmanabha. Before touching those assets, we must obtain the permission of the Lord. For that the only way is to conduct a ‘devaprasnam’,’’ said Gopalakrishnan Potty, a former priest of the temple to The New Indian Express. Citing the “omen” some reports have also emerged saying that ever since the inventory process began, the mother of one of the observers died and the leg of another observer got injured after the operation began. The Vaastu problem A Vaastu expert K Muraleedharan Nair, who also presides over the Vasthu Sasthra Vigyana Peedam, appealed to the authorities to rethink about the decision to open the vault. He said ‘’It is ideal that we keep the B vault locked. The treasures stored in that vault, which is below the Head of the deity, are protected by taming micro natural forces. Tantric experts who kept it safe their might have done this. If one dares to open that vault, it will trigger a series of troubles” Nair said. He added that it will be foolish to open the lock of B vault using a gas cutter. The UFO theory Yes, UFO. Some blogs have been doing the rounds in the internet that the vault may contain a “Vimana” or a flying object. They start thus “ If the mystifying and clandestine vault, deep below the great Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple in India, contains a vimana, or something similar..." And finally, rationalists believe that all these theories are being deliberately floated around by “some” people to keep the treasure untouched
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