Police have recovered the weapon and detained three of his friends from Anantapur.

Mystery behind Vikram Gouds shooting finally unravelled police confirm it was staged
news Crime Tuesday, August 01, 2017 - 16:50

Four days after Congress leader Vikram Goud suffered gunshot injuries, the Hyderabad police finally managed to solve the mystery and concluded that the entire incident had been staged by the victim himself.

Police have established that Vikram Goud staged the firing by hiring his friends, in order to escape financiers.

Vikram and his wife Shipali, had earlier stated that unknown assailants barged into their home in Film Nagar and opened fire at him.

However, police didn’t rely on his statements from the beginning, since there were several contradictions, and even the CCTV at home was not working, raising further suspicions.

According to reports by 10 TV, and ABN andhrajyothi, Task Force police have arrested three of his friends in Anantapur and brought them to Hyderabad for investigation.

NTV reports that police have also found the weapon with which Vikram was shot.

The report says that based on his call data, police found that Vikram had repeatedly called a particular number, just before the incident and narrowed down the search.

Investigation revealed that the three-member gang, who took money to shoot Vikram without risking his life, were staying at a guest house in Jubilee Hills on July 27 morning.

After the incident, they fled from the city, and police traced their whereabouts through CCTV footage from Outer Ring Road (ORR).

Although police haven’t commented yet, TV reports say that Vikram Goud staged the drama to threaten his father, Mukesh Goud and to get off from the financiers. They say that Vikram was in huge debts.

Police were certain that the wounds were self-inflicted or some family member could have attacked him, as the reconstruction of the scene proved that it was not possible for someone to attack him from such a close range.

Vikram’s wife Shipali had earlier said that the couple were supposed to visit a Dargah for ‘anna danam’ (food distribution) when the incident took place. She said that she was upstairs when the firing took place, which Vikram reiterated to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Task Force, B Limba Reddy.

Vikram suffered two bullet injuries on his right shoulder and stomach. But the police could not find any evidence of anyone breaking into the house.

The incident took place on Friday night. Vikram is the son of former Andhra Pradesh Minister M. Mukesh Goud.

Preliminary investigations carried out by West Zone police and CLUES team pointed towards self- inflicted bullet injuries, reported Deccan Chronicle.

However, they did not disclose details to the media, which led to several speculative stories about him being linked to the drug scandal.