'My vote isn't for you': Sofia Ashraf’s musical dissent against Sasikala at Poes Garden

Not ready to dance to Sasikala's tunes, say Sofia Ashraf and group.
'My vote isn't for you': Sofia Ashraf’s musical dissent against Sasikala at Poes Garden
'My vote isn't for you': Sofia Ashraf’s musical dissent against Sasikala at Poes Garden
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Are you angry with Sasikala being all set to take over as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu? Many of us typed out angry posts on social media, but rapper-activist Sofia Ashraf and her crew just took one bold, badass step ahead.

Armed with a guitar, a phone camera beaming live on Facebook, and their lyrics of dissent, Ashraf and her crew of four, including her bandmate Suren Vikash U, stepped out and went to Poes Garden late on Sunday night and sang angrily, expressing their dissent against what has been happening in the state recently.

Suren Vikash plays the guitar and sings the lead, drawing attention to the corruption and loot of politicians in the state, the thrust of the song is to say ‘we did not vote for you’, and that those who were not elected cannot represent the people of the state.

"The main lyrics in the song is 'those who were not elected need not become ministers'. And that's the sentiment most Tamilians have now. Democracy as we know is dead. How can someone not elected by people become Chief Minister? It may be all legal, but it isn't right. People can't suddenly pop up and say we will be the CM," Sofia said to The News Minute.

Just as they end their performance, a policeman steps in to stop them from beaming live, but they tell him that they are singing and doing nothing illegal. Sofia later posted on Facebook that they were safe.

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"It seemed like nothing was in our control. Felt angry and upset," Ashraf added.

"We were scared, but determined. Some policemen stopped us. They asked us how we could go there in the night. They were doing their job, but we were not doing anything illegal, so they could not stop us," she told TNM.

Here are the full lyrics to the song, as given by Ashraf.


Kaasu Adikura

Lanjam Pudungura


Katchi Maarudhu

Ooru Innum Naarudhu


Therdhal Mudindhidhu

Virakthi Koodudhu


Poi Vaaku Urudhigal

Ilavasa Thittangal


Vun Kitte Udhavi Ketenna

Unnoda Padhavi Ketenna


Ooru Poora Vun Vetti Eetu

Ooru Pakkam Konjam Yetti Paaru

Vottu-illaama Verum Vetti Pechu

Poi Vaaku Verum Kaathu (2)

Hey Inga Yaarum Seri Ille

Yen Vottu Vonnakille



Bribe monger


Switching sides

The city still stinks


The elections are done

The desperation rises


False promises



Did I ask you for aid?

Did I ask you for your seat?

The city is filled with your cut outs

Step into the hood for once

Weak prattle for the sake of votes

Lies. Just gas.

Hey. Nobody’s good enough here.

My vote wasn’t for you.


Nee theruvu ore varra pore

Kalavaram parappure

Vun arakiyal arangore

Ippo yenna thara pore?

Vote-illaama therndhu edutha

Amaichar ellaam theva ille

Vida vida valarum

Vara vara puriyum

Pada pada vedikkum

Thadai ida varuvom


You come and go by my streets

Spreading riots

Your Manifesto is half baked

What are you gonna offer now?

Ministers who have been elected

Without elections are not welcome.

As you let things be, it’ll grow…

As it proceeds, you’ll understand…

It will spark and obliterate …

We will put an end to this

*blows conch*

Democracy is dead!

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