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Anisha Sheth | The News Minute | February 24, 2015 | 3.38 pm IST Follow @anisha_w On his 60th birthday, Sri Rama Sene founder Pramod Muthalik said that it was the RSS which had taught him to go attack the pub. The right-wing activist became infamous because of the 2008 pub attack, in which Sri Rama Sene activist Prasad Attavar and others led an attack on pub-goers at the Amnesia pub in Mangaluru.  News Karnataka website reported today that Muthalik had harshly criticized “elements” within the RSS for being “selfish” and for compromising on true Hindutva. In a four-minute audio clipping uploaded by the website, Muthalik is heard emotively shouting to the audience: “My father and mother did not tell me to attack the pub. My parents did not tell me to oppose Valentine’s Day. The RSS told me to do that. After doing your work you insult me?” Read: Muthalik sheds tears over "insult", but what about his victims? Speaking to The News Minute, Muthalik said that he had made the same remarks in two places. One was during a celebration organized by his “admirers” to celebrate his birthday which was in January 23, and the other event was held in Hukkeri, Belagavi district on January 25.  “At both places I made the same remarks. What I said was the truth. What I said was in the public, not something that was hidden. So if someone records it and puts it up on the internet, I have no problem with it.” Muthalik said. He claimed that 10,000 people had attended the programme organized in Hukkeri and that 2,000 people turned up for his birthday celebrations in Bengaluru.  Asked why he made these remarks now, he said: “I say (these things) when the context is right. I did not criticize the whole of the RSS, but some people within it who misguide and mislead. I have said this in public.” When asked to explain what he meant by “mislead and misguide”, Muthalik said that some people used the RSS for their own “selfish reasons”. “They don’t support real Hindutvavadis they get mixed up with the BJP. I cant explain all this on the phone.” Muthalik can be heard expressing disappointment with his parent organization, which introduced him to Hindutva and for which he worked for many years before he left the RSS to start the Sri Rama Sene. To see how Muthalik is more staunch follower of the RSS' ideals that the orgnaization itself, see Pramod Muthalik: Parasite or Well-Wisher? “The RSS has started a Rashtirya Muslim Manch. But then, they don’t want Muthalik? Don’t they want sincere people like Muthalik who painstakingly work (for Hindutva)? What wrong did Mahendra do? We are fighting for the things you (RSS) taught us. We are implementing the principles taught by the RSS, and bringing them into practice… Mahendra Kumar’s parents did not tell him to fight against Christians who convert others. RSS told him. In that context if he takes up the responsibility and carries out a struggle, the very same Sangh Parivar will put him in jail.” Tweet Follow @thenewsminute
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