Social media users were quick to point out its eerie similarity to a Malayalam devotional song.

Music composer Gopi Sunder swears by parents that Pulimurugan score not a rip-off
news Social Media Thursday, October 13, 2016 - 13:03

Controversies over plagiarism charges are not new for Malayalam music composer Gopi Sunder. The composer has however always categorically denied that many of his songs are a rip off of songs made in other languages. 


The latest addition to the list is the theme song 'Muruga…Muruga’, of the much-acclaimed Mohanlal-starrer ‘Pulimurugan’ that was released on October 7.


Social media users were quick to point out its eerie similarity to a Malayalam devotional song, with many of them accusing ‘Copy’ Sunder of being a master of plagiarism.


Sunder had then no choice but to come out in his own defence. In a video uploaded on Facebook on Wednesday, he strongly refuted the same, a strategy he keeps adopting every time his songs garner charges of plagiarism.


Many of his songs including ones from Malayalam blockbusters such as ‘Bangalore Days’, ‘1983’ and ‘Anwar’ too had faced similar charges. 


In the two-minute video, Sunder reiterated that such criticism seems to crop up every time he releases a new song. He then goes on to hum the tune of the said Malayalam devotional song, that had supposedly ‘inspired’ his background score for Pulimurugan, to establish the fact that his score is original.


“As someone who would openly admit in case my songs are copied, I want to stress that this one is not. Both the songs may belong to the same raga, but there are differences between the two. It is not a copy. I would have openly admitted, if it were so,” he said.


People hence -he felt- should stop worrying over the issue, as he would definitely inform them beforehand, had he any intention of copying.


“People just need to say something, so they do so. They particularly don’t like somebody else doing well,” the composer opined.


He added that the accusations of plagiarism do not matter amidst the applauses from others who enjoy the song. He also said that only people with a narrow-minded outlook were capable of raising such allegations.


He then even went on to swear by his parents that the song was in no way a rip-off.

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