Murders, extortion, smuggling: Long list of 50 cases against arrested Hyd gangster Ayub Khan

Ayub Khan, who has evaded the police many times, also had a red corner notice by the Interpol pending against him.
Murders, extortion, smuggling: Long list of 50 cases against arrested Hyd gangster Ayub Khan
Murders, extortion, smuggling: Long list of 50 cases against arrested Hyd gangster Ayub Khan
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After being on the run for several years, notorious gangster Ayub Khan was arrested by the Hyderabad police in Mumbai on Sunday, with the help of airport immigration officials and the Interpol.

He has since been brought to Hyderabad on Monday by the police, amidst tight security. 

Khan, who was wanted in over 50 cases, also had a 'red corner' notice pending against him. 

According to the Interpol, the red notice is served with respect to offenders wanted at an international level. It asks that the subject may be arrested, with a view of subsequent extradition to the country.

According to reports, senior officials from the South Zone police in Hyderabad said that two non-bailable warrants pending against him were being taken forward, while probes and trials in other cases would also be restarted. 

Khan, who is in his late 40s, is said to have been born in the city's Fateh Darwaza area, where he grew up.

He is said to have committed his first crime at the age of 16, after dropping out from school.

During his earlier arrest in 2008, the police in an official release, stated that Khan in 1990, had allegedly robbed a person of Rs 5,000, and had also attempted to murder another person at Hussainialam.

The release also stated that he was actively involved in the communal riots that took place in the city in 1990.

Khan then gradually went on to form an extortion gang, that threatened businessmen using knives and firearms, and extorted money from them.

His gang then reportedly branched out into land-grab, grabbing large tracts in and around Hyderabad.

Khan is reported to have escaped from the police on several occasions, including one incident in 1992, when he was shot in the leg, but still managed to give the police a slip.

In 2002, Khan and his gang members were arrested for killing an advocate. But he came out on bail in 2005, before going into hiding and allegedly continuing operations.

Despite this, Khan was known to be blatant about his crimes. Reports suggest that there was an incident in 2008, when he walked into a senior TDP leader's office with his associates, carrying weapons, and was even caught on CCTV cameras doing so.

He was apprehended in 2008 at Gulbarga in Karnataka where he allegedly purchased properties worth over Rs 50 crore, and was living with his wife, police said at the time.

In 2010, a Hyderabad court sentenced him to life for brutally stabbing an advocate to death, and also later trying to kill the advocate's brother, who was a crucial eye-witness in the case.

Despite this, Khan fled to Dubai in 2014, using a fake passport, and began running a gold smuggling racket from there.

Quoting sources, TOI reported that Khan's Hyderabad-based associates sent people to Dubai with an assurance of a free two-day stay, shopping worth Rs 20,000 and a cash commission. During their Dubai stay, the gold consignment would be handed over to the 'carriers', who took the risk of bringing the gold to the city. 

It was also reported that Khan came to the city twice, after he fudged his age and details of his father in a fake passport, before he was caught on his third attempt.

As of now, the police is looking into all the cases that the gangster is involved in. The police stated that he had gathered Rs 1,000 crore in immovable assets through his illegal activities.

"It was a major catch. By detaining Ayub Khan, we will be able to detect many more cases after questioning him,” K Ashok Chakravarthy, assistant commissioner of police, Charminar told TNIE.

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