Some pointed out the patriarchy and the blatant chauvinism of the association while others are planning to boycott the 'superstar' films.

More power to you Congratulatory messages pour in for women actors who quit AMMA
Flix Mollywood Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - 17:56

Two days ago, Dileep got back in AMMA.  

Today, four women got out of AMMA. 

The Association of Malayalam Movie Actors is not going through the best of times. Mohanlal had just taken charge as president when it was decided "unanimously" by a general body meeting to take Dileep back. He was ousted less than a year ago when he was accused of being the master brain behind the sexual assault on a woman actor in the same industry.  

It is the survivor who first resigned today. Her friends from the Women in Cinema Collective put out her note, and simultaneously three of them put in their papers too.

Rima Kallingal, Remya Nambeeshan and Geetu Mohandas wrote powerful notes along with their resignations.  

Social media reacted, along with them.  

Advocate and Activist Harish Vasudevan Sreedevi wrote that they (AMMA members) are sitting on patriarchal chairs and spitting on the face of the same people who watched and lauded their films and made them stars. “The women who had to leave the association did not do it because they weren't paid well or for their selfish interests. They left to fight for and win their rights of gender equality that the Constitution allows every woman who works in Malayalam cinema. It might sound a little emotional, but I have decided that I won’t be watching the films of those actors who are part of AMMA,” said Harish in his Facebook post. He also added that he will insist his friends to do the same.

Harish also went on to say that he will only watch and support the films of those actors who have voiced their dissent against this decision of AMMA.

“I will also investigate into the assets that these superstars and their supporters have amassed and also look into whether they are paying their taxes properly,” lashed out Harish in his post, also adding that he cannot just stand and watch this “mafia connection” growing.

Journalists posted their support for the women who resigned from AMMA. Senior journalist Saraswathy Nagarajan wrote: "Brave women. way to go stars, all of you. with you, always....." 

Senior journalist Shahina Nafeesa also congratulated WCC members who quit. Posting a picture of herself with WCC members, she wrote, “The battle is on, happiness is being in the company of fighters.”

Founder and editor of, Neelima Menon in her Facebook post said, “In the movies, the survivors are arm-twisted by the powerful predators into silence. And heroes get them out of that mess. Time to take the statutory warnings in cinema seriously.” 

Apart from coming out in support of the decision of the WCC members, many also said that they would be boycotting the movies of the so called “superstars”. 

One of them is journalist and film critic of, Aswathy Gopalakrisnan, who in her Facebook post said that it might be challenging but try to “not watch the weekly releases of Ikka (Mammootty) and bi-annual releases of Ettan. (Mohanlal) It will only help your brain, and better, it will help clean up this cesspool called Malayalam cinema a little.” 

As soon as AMMA had made the decision to take back Dileep, many had taken the organization on.

Director Aashiq Abu had first posted on Sunday, asking if AMMA would apologise to the late actor Thilakan, who had not been an accused in a criminal case but who was ousted for speaking his opinion.  

Writer NS Madhavan tweeted: "Worst Metoo incident happened not in Hollywood, but in Kerala, when an actor allegedly paid money to a gang to get an actress raped. The case is on, but male chauvinist pigs of Malayalam actors' guild, AMMA, are shouting 'me too', 'me too' in support of the accused!" 

A poster which shows the WCC ejecting from an upside down AMMA (with the M turning into the W) and displaying the revolutionary spirit of its members, has also been doing the rounds.

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