More audio clips surface in Dileep case, latest ones include threat to police

‘All five officials, you watch what you’re going to get’, a voice can be heard saying in one audio clip.
A collage of Dileep and Balachandrakumar
A collage of Dileep and Balachandrakumar
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More incriminating audio clips, allegedly involving Malayalam actor Dileep — accused in the actor assault case of 2017 — have surfaced. Released by Reporter Live news channel, the audio clips have a man's voice, allegedly that of Dileep, saying that the five officials who investigated the case will be dealt with.

“All five officials, you watch what you’re going to get,” a voice can be heard saying in one audio clip. In another clip, another male voice says, “Only if they get out can I take revenge on them.” A third audio recording, which is less clear and has muffled voices drowned in laughter and discussion, apparently has a person saying that if a truck runs over Baiju Paulose (Deputy Superintendent - the investigating official), “We will have to see another one and a half crore.”

Though it is not clear what the 1.5 crore referred to is, commentators on the channel said that this was in reference to the Rs 1.5 crore that the SIT alleged Dileep paid Pulsar Suni to sexually assault the actor and capture it on video.

A fourth audio is a conversation between two men. “We know you have done this. Now, even if you have done this, you got 90 days right, you have got the punishment,” one person in the audio is heard saying.

The audio clips will be verified by the police who have begun further investigation into the case. This new set of audio clips have come out after a series of small audio clips, allegedly recorded in the presence of actor Dileep, were released by director Balachandrakumar recently. He told Reporter TV and later TNM about having been a friend of Dileep and planning a film with him earlier, when he witnessed the actor's relationship with Pulsar Suni.

A serious allegation made by Balachandrakumar, now being taken up by the police for investigation, is that Dileep saw a video of the assault on the survivor before the copy was produced at court.

The assault happened in February 2017 when the woman actor was travelling to Ernakulam from a shooting location in a car. A few days after the attack, Pulsar Suni was arrested. In July 2017, Dileep was arrested and named the alleged mastermind of the attack. However, he was released on bail before the end of three months.

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