More than 8.6 lakh still in relief camps in Kerala, CM fund gets Rs 535 crore

People returning home from camps will be given Rs 10000. Cleanliness work has begun.
More than 8.6 lakh still in relief camps in Kerala, CM fund gets Rs 535 crore
More than 8.6 lakh still in relief camps in Kerala, CM fund gets Rs 535 crore
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The rains have mellowed down and the water that rose to scary heights in houses and streets has seeped away. But people in Kerala are not able to return home soon, at least not all of them. There are still 8,69,124 of them living in relief camps, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said at a press meet this evening.

There have been 265 deaths since August 8 when the rains became too heavy.

Initial estimates suggest that 7,000 houses have been fully destroyed and 50,000 partially.

But people will have to go back to their lives, and they will be given Rs 10,000 as they return home. They could contact the camp official in charge or the revenue administration. An amount of Rs 242 Crore has been allotted from the CM’s Disaster Relief Fund for the purpose.

The CMDRF has so far received Rs 535 Crore. The CM noted an instruction made by the Supreme Court to government employees, to contribute whatever amount they wish to, to the CM’s Relief Fund. “Some central government employees may contribute through the PM’s fund. It is to avoid that confusion the SC instruction came,” the CM commented.

It was also very important to create clean homes for people from the relief camps to go back to. Just as important as the rescue operations has been, the CM stressed. The work has begun. But a problem now is all the waste that has accumulated with the slush. There would be agencies to collect it but the waste should not be just dumped anywhere. “A public space should be decided and all the waste should be kept there. This shall be collected by agencies. The responsibility has been given to Clean Kerala Company which will collect the waste and give it away to agencies,” the CM said.

People may have also lost important documents as identity cards. These would be newly made by the State Information Technology Department through a software. A mobile app would be used to collect information about the state of destruction in houses.

Drinking water will also be made available through tankers and vessels to store them in.

Another concern is about all the small scale industries and businesses which were destroyed. They would be given interest free loans of Rs. 10 lakh each. The state banking committee has declared a moratorium of one to one and a half years to return debts.

Loans for rebuilding and repairs of homes would be given, there would be no margin for amounts up to Rs. 5 lakh. There would also be farming loans, he added.

The CM also warned against some parties exploiting the generosity of people and demanding money from them.

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