Thank you, Kundan, you can keep this kind of empowerment to yourself.

Moral policing social activist posts images of girls wearing skimpy tops online gets roastedImage: Kundan Srivastava FB Page
Blog Blog Wednesday, November 04, 2015 - 13:41

In what would remind us of the ‘Kumudam’ magazine cover few weeks ago, a self-proclaimed social-activist turned moral police and protector of women, Kundan Srivastava, posted pictures of two women wearing tops which revealed their bras and backs. And he wrote,

“I strongly disagree on such fashion in India. I would like to request, please avoid show off. Same applied for Man!

I believe Woman is glory of creature. Being a Girl is a Dignity. Mind it!”

Since he posted it on November 2, and at the time this is being written, the post has nearly 2300 shares and about 1500 comments.

It would be safe to assume that Kundan is not a happy man now – for he is getting a sound thrashing from people online, most notably by social activist and CPI(ML) member Kavita Krishnan.

Kavita has since posted this on her social media feeds asking people to report. Of all the comments he has got, this one from Kavita is our favourite.


Why does Kundan Srivastava deserve this attention, you might ask?

For one, he was clearly being a prick, posting pictures of women most probably without taking their permission, attempting to shame them and even warning them with a ‘mind it’.

The other reason is that he has nearly 50,000 followers on his verified FB page, and he claims to be a social activisit who is working to ‘Empowering Women, Empowering India’. Thank you, Kundan, you can keep this kind of empowerment to yourself.

Kundan runs the Be In Humanity Foundation out of Delhi which is a “youth-run voluntary organisation that works towards empowering women across different sections of the society”

A 25-year old engineer, born in Raxaul, a village in Champaran, apparently, Kundan has been kidnapped while fighting for a social cause, worked for better education system in villages and rehabilitated several women in rural areas. He has also worked on a project called the Screams of the Soul, which gets people to change their mindset on women issues. Well guess who should be your next target, Kunda? Look in the mirror!

You can read his inspiring story here

Meanwhile, Kundan, it seems is not willing to change his mindset just yet.


He is clearly asking for more!


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