Khushbu said that she expected better from someone like Shruti, who carries a legacy.

Months after Shruti Haasan walked out of Sangamitra Khushbu lashes out at actor
Flix Kollywood Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 13:22

Sundar C's ambitious film Sangamitra is still without a lead.

If reports are to be believed, the film is based on Emperor Ashoka's eldest daughter Sanghamitra or Sanghamitta, who is credited with spreading Buddhism outside India.

Shruti Haasan was supposed to play the lead but she walked out of the film right after the first look poster was revealed at Cannes earlier this year.

She'd said that she had not been given the bound script of the film and would therefore be unable to commit to it.

On Monday, actor and politician Khushbu, who is married to Sundar C, hit out at the actor through a series of tweets.

Calling Sangamitra one of the costliest films to be made in India, Khushbu said that it can't be made without proper planning.

Hinting at Shruti's comments, Khushbu said that she was seeing "someone" making "weird comments" about the script not being ready when the work on it has been going on for the last two years. She also termed the actor "unprofessional" and said that this was a case of "sour grapes" wherein, Shruti had blamed others for her own "shortcomings".

Khushbu also said that for a film of this scale, the shooting was only 30% of the work, and that 70% of it happened before the shooting began. Making it very clear whom she was referring to in her tweets, Khusbhu said that she expected more "professionalism" from someone who carried a legacy, and that looking at her own mistakes and accepting them humbly would help the actor go a long way.

It's unclear why Khushbu has chosen to lash out at Shruti now, considering she walked out of the film in May.

Shruti did appear on Anbudan DD, a talk show on VIjay TV recently, but she did not speak about Sangamitra or any of the films she's working on.

She has not responded to Khushbu yet.

After her outburst, Khushbu tweeted about other things for a while and later declared that she was taking a break from Twitter, thanking her fans for their support and declaring that the platform should be used for spreading love and not dividing the nation.

We're just as confused as you are.

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