"I am still unable to walk as my legs either start bleeding or get infected," Nikhil says.

Months after height-lengthening surgery Hyderabad techie remains bed-ridden
news News Tuesday, November 15, 2016 - 13:27

Months after a 22-year-old techie in Hyderabad underwent a limb-lengthening surgery to 'increase his height', he is still unable to walk.

"The pain is still there, but it has reduced over the last few weeks. I am still unable to walk as my legs either start bleeding or get infected," Nikhil told TNM.

On April 5 this year, Nikhil Reddy spent close to Rs 4 lakh on a painful surgery after a doctor promised to 'increase his height' by two inches.

Nikhil left his home without informing anyone and by the time the family located him with the help of police to the Global Hospital in Hyderabad, the surgery had been over and Nikhil was in great pain. 

Nikhil and his family allege that the doctor who performed the surgery did not adequately explain to Nikhil the effects of the surgery.

“They should have at least explained to him the consequences of this surgery. He hid it from us, but they at least should have tried to inform us about my son’s intentions,” S Govardhan Reddy, Nikhil’s father had said at the time.

In April, Govardhan lodged a complaint with the Saidabad police station, who registered an FIR under Section 420 (cheating) of the IPC. 

"When we filed an FIR, the police said that they will take action only once the medical council submitted its verdict. Now that they have, still no action has been taken on the doctor and no arrest has been made," Nikhil says.

Earlier this month, the Telangana State Medical Council (TSMC) slapped a two-year ban on the surgeon Dr G Chandra Bhushan.

"The TSMC's Ethics Committee decided to debar the surgeon from practising for two years as the surgeon (Dr Chandra Bhushan) is found to have violated ethical norms on three important counts by performing a cosmetic limb-lengthening surgery on young Nikhil," Dr E Ravinder Reddy, chairman, TSMC was quoted as saying.

Speaking to the Deccan Chronicle, he elaborated, “He was doing the operation for the first time. It is an experimental surgery. How could he do it on a young unmarried person without informing or consulting the parents? What if something had gone wrong? There is also no video or documentary evidence to say that the doctor explained everything to the patient before surgery. He should have at least taken help from some surgeon who had already done the surgery successfully."

Global Hospital, where the surgery was conducted, has formed a specialist committee of four doctors to continue Nikhil’s treatment. “Three doctors saw my X-rays a few days ago, and said that they will inform me on my condition in 48 hours. They will also tell me when they can remove the rods," Nikhil says.

Last Saturday, high drama unfolded after Nikhil's father S Govardhan Reddy threatened to commit suicide outside the Saifabad police station alleging that the police were not taking action on his complaint against the doctor.

In July, the father even submitted a video where the doctor is reportedly seen claiming that Nikhil would walk  two days after the surgery.

"Even when we try to contact them (the police), they are very negligent and stop picking our calls after a while," Govardhan adds.

"My father has cancelled all his business engagements as I am mostly bed-ridden and he has to take care of me. It is torture for him," Nikhil says.


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