news Thursday, April 23, 2015 - 05:30
A 12 year-old girl studying in a Trichy school ended up at a child help organisation after alleged distress caused by her mother's affair. When the girl walked into Helpline, an organisation for children, she complained that she was upset as her mother was living with her paramour and wanted her to call him Appa (father), reported New Indian Express. The girl was aware of ChildLine because of the presence of a ChlidLine awareness club in her school. Making full use of this information, the girl visited the ChildLine office on Tuesday evening,  and she spoke of the suffering caused by her mother; who was living separately , estranged from her husband, in a house located in Thennur. A. Albert Manoharan, ChildLine coordinator said that the girl had made up her mind that she wanted to stay with her biological father and that she was firm on not returning home, said the report. According to the girl's wishes, she wrote her last exam on Wednesday with a ChildLine escort. Though the girl's mother and relatives requested staff to return the child, they have been asked to return after a Child Welfare Committe(CWC) meeting was held. Later on, the officials made a decision and handed over the girl to the CWC, which ultimately sent her to the Government Observation Home.
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