Agitated over the BJP-led Centre stalling the state government’s proposal to enhance reservation for Muslims to 12%, the Telangana caretaker CM lashed out at Modi.

Modi govt suffers from a religious rash KCR attacks PM for the second time
news Telangana 2018 Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - 15:15

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi was addressing his first public meeting in Nizamabad on Tuesday, TRS supremo K Chandrasekhar Rao, who was simultaneously addressing a meeting in Kalwakurthy, attacked him by saying that the Modi led government suffers with ‘Matha Gajji’ (a religious rash). This was KCR’s second attack against Modi – he had earlier remarked that Modi had stalled the 12% reservations to Muslims because he suffers from ‘Hindu-Muslim’ illness, during his election campaign at Narsampet last week.

“Today, the population of STs increased, and so as per the Constitution the reservation should also increase,” KCR said in the public meeting, “Even the Muslim population has increased and they, too, deserve reservation. For the ST and Muslim reservation, we passed a resolution in the Assembly and Cabinet, and sent it to the Centre; but this Modi-led government has ‘Matha Gajji’ – they have a religious rash – they are blinded by it. This government doesn’t see people as people.”

KCR also attacked the BJP national president Amit Shah and called him Amit Shah ‘gadu’, instead of ‘garu’; ‘gadu’ is considering a disrespectful way of addressing a person. KCR was hitting out at the BJP president for criticising the TRS’s demand for enhancement of reservations to Muslims from 4% to 12%.

In his election rallies in Parkal and Nirmal, Amit Shah on Sunday said that the BJP-led Centre would never allow the 12% reservations for Muslims, a proposal made by the Telangana government after passing a resolution in the Assembly. Shah said that reservation based on religion was unconstitutional.

Earlier in February, when KCR allegedly called the PM ‘Narendra Modi gadu’, the BJP resorted to statewide agitations, forcing him to give a clarification later.

Though the BJP has been rejecting the Telangana government’s proposal, KCR asserted that he will achieve the 12% reservation for Muslims and 10% reservation for Scheduled Tribes in state government jobs and education. He said, “Everyone knows that I am stubborn. If I make a resolve to achieve something, I will fight for it relentlessly.”

Reiterating that it would a non-BJP and non-Congress ‘Federal Front’ which would form the government in the 2019 at the Centre, he said that the TRS should strive to win 17 Lok Sabha seats. He also said that the TRS would win with a thumping majority. “The surveys have predicted that we would 103-106 seats,” he said.

Meanwhile, Narendra Modi, addressing the crowd at Nizamabad, said that both Congress and the TRS are dynastic parties, who work only for minority appeasement and play vote-bank politics.

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