Microsoft is calling it the most powerful gaming console ever made.

Microsoft unveils Xbox One X to directly take on Sonys PlayStationImage source:
Atom Tech Shorts Tuesday, June 13, 2017 - 10:02
Written by  S. Mahadevan

Microsoft has been working on what it calls project ‘Scorpio’, a gaming console, which it has now been unveiled on the sidelines of the E3 2017 event. The actual nomenclature of the product is X Box One X and the fact that Microsoft has placed a lot of stakes on this product is evident from its description of the new product as the “most powerful gaming console ever made”.

The X Box One X has reportedly been made with the technology and features that match playing games on the latest 4K ultra high-definition display televisions. The ultimate objective is to provide the gaming enthusiasts with the best immersive experience while playing their favorite games.

The new hardware will be made available to the buyers from November 7 and it will be a worldwide release.

The price of the new gaming console from Microsoft will be $499. The company feels the premium on the price is justified on the basis of the advanced features the device offers. Many analysts feel this premium (around $100) might prove to be a little steep and wonder if parents buying the X Box One X for their children will be willing to shell out these extra dollars.

Microsoft’s X Box team then went on to show glimpses of some 42 game titles among which 22 have been developed exclusively for X Box One X. Games are usually developed by independent developers and many games are meant to be played across platforms like PlayStation, X Box One and also on televisions and PCs.

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed is one such popular game and its latest version is being demonstrated at the E3 event this year. Microsoft is also working with the game developers to make improvements on the games already popular on the older version of the hardware to enable its customers to play on the new X Box One X as well.

Meanwhile, the company also made an announcement of a subscription fee model. The subscribers can pay a monthly fee and access their video games library, similar to what Sony offers for its PlayStation customers.

The jury is still out on Microsoft’s ability to counter the popularity of Sony’s gaming console. Market observers say that Sony manages to sell two of its PlayStation consoles for every X Box that Microsoft sells. Now, with this improved version and premium pricing it is going to be tough to overcome this challenge.