Microsoft India scored high on financial health, strong reputation and utilization of the latest technologies.

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Atom Brand Wednesday, July 29, 2020 - 12:20

Microsoft India, has emerged as India’s most ‘attractive employer brand’, according to the findings of Randstad Employer Brand Research (REBR) 2020. Microsoft India scored high on financial health, strong reputation and utilization of the latest technologies — the top 3 EVP (Employee Value Proposition) drivers for the organization, as per the survey. Samsung India emerged as the runner up, followed by Amazon India.

The annual employer brand research, based on perceptions of the general audience (students, employed and unemployed workforce) has been conducted by Randstad, a global player in the HR services industry. REBR has been providing valuable insights to help employers shape their employer brand for over 20 years globally and it is the 10th edition in India this year.

The Randstad Employer Brand Research, covering 75% of the global economy with 33 participating countries and more than 1,85,000 respondents worldwide, clearly revealed that in 2020, work-life balance (43%) emerges as the top EVP driver for the Indian workforce while choosing an employer, followed by attractive salary and employee benefits (41%) and job security (40%). These are also the areas where there is a significant gap between what employees want and what they think employers offer in India.

This year, it is interesting to note that there are no gender differences in the top two EVP drivers. Both male and female respondents attributed equal importance to work-life balance (43%) and attractive salary and employee benefits (41%) as key factors while choosing an employer. However, more men (40%) considered job security as a key factor while choosing an employer than women (39%).

A higher percentage of male respondents (36%) also accorded more importance to career progression opportunities compared to their female (33%) counterparts.

Presenting the REBR 2020 survey insights, Paul Dupuis, MD & CEO Randstad India said, “This is the 10th edition of REBR in India and 20th edition globally. For the last 10 years, our research has been consistently adding value to India’s HR community, by bringing out remarkable insights on workforce sentiments and allowing them to evaluate their employer brand. Employer branding is an evolving journey based on newer and deeper insights that unravel with time, so organizations must make this a strategic business agenda.”

“I believe that effective employer branding is a function of an organization’s purpose. If the company has clear visibility of its true north, a great culture and can define and articulate why they exist, while making real connections, the process of creating a ‘meaningful employer brand’ that resonates with their audience will become easier. This process has become increasingly important since the onset of COVID19 – when the job market is undergoing a paradigm shift and the need for organizations to transform their employer branding proposition to make it more ‘humane’ in the new world of work becomes even more critical”, he added. 

The top 10 most attractive employer brands in India for 2020 were: Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, Infosys Technologies, Mercedes-Benz, Sony, IBM, Dell Technologies Ltd, ITC Group and Tata Consultancy Services. 

The Randstad Employer Brand Research is a comprehensive and independent employer brand research, identifying the most attractive employers among thousands of companies. It provides insights into the perceptions and drivers of choice of potential employees.

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