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The News Minute | February 3, 2015 | 05:59 pm IST Seventy-six-year old Omkari Singh, hailing from Uttar Pradesh, is a mother to a six-year-old boy. Singh became the world’s oldest mother of twins in 2008 when she gave birth at the age of 70, states a video report by Barcoft TV. She now lives with her son Akashvani and her eighty-nine-year old husband Charan. The couple, who already had two daughters and five grand children, underwent IVF treatment in hope of a male heir. Akashvani's twin sister Barsaat however died at the age of four. "The doctor gave my daughter the wrong medicine following which she died", Omkari tells Barcoft TV. Though Omkari decided to have a child so late in life, she has no qualms about it and both she and her husband are happy living with their son. But the couple do realise the limitations of their old age in contrast to their responsibility towards Akashvani. Watch Barcoft TV's video here.    Tweet 
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