Meet the former head of AIADMK IT wing, sacked for joining the OPS camp

Ramachandran says that he expected to be removed from the IT wing, but was shocked to be expelled from the party too.
Meet the former head of AIADMK IT wing, sacked for joining the OPS camp
Meet the former head of AIADMK IT wing, sacked for joining the OPS camp
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G Ramachandran, the 29-year-old former head of the AIADMK IT wing, is optimistic about how political events are falling out in the state, and supports O Panneerselvam as the choice of the people of Tamil Nadu.

For his views, Ramachandran paid a massive price on Wednesday, as he was sacked from his post in the IT wing and removed from party membership.

Speaking to The News Minute, Ramachandran says, "The cadres of the party have been supporting O Panneerselvam after the demise of Amma and I also feel he is the one who can take the legacy of Amma ahead. That is why I joined him on the first day itself."  

However, says Ramachandran, what came to him as a huge shock was being removed from the party itself. "I knew that I would be sacked from my post if I join Panneerselvam. But I never thought that they will even remove me as an AIADMK member, " he says.

On the woman at the centre of the controversy, Ramachandran says he had little contact with Sasikala. " I have had very few interactions with Sasikala. I used to send her letters about the functioning of the IT wing. After Amma's demise, the cadres wanted someone who will take ahead the legacy of Amma and their choice has been Panneerselvam," he says.

Ramachandran joined the AIADMK as the head of the IT wing in March, 2016, his family having had a long association with the party. " My father has been part of the party for years and he was also the MLA from Singanallur twice. Amma was the one who named me and my sister. That is why I wanted to join the party after completing my studies at IIM. I did not even sit for placements," he explains.

Instead, he happily took up the job of heading the party IT wing. "Amma had seen a few interviews that I gave to the media about wanting to join the party. She directly called me to become the IT wing head," he says.

The mood among the cadres, he says, is clear – they want Panneerselvam to become the Chief Minister and carry forward the legacy of the former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

They will hold onto the optimistic hope for this result irrespective of which way the Governor proceeds in the immediate future, he says. "We will remain optimistic and hope that he is made the CM," he said.

His faith in OPS strong, Ramachandran says he’s committed to aiding the former CM in whatever he can. "Whatever role is given to me, I would love to do that for Panneerselvam," he says.

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