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Nitin B | The News Minute | March 3, 2015 | 2:20 pm IST When Abrar Khan and Sharukh Khan, two long time friends decided to shoot videos and post in on Facebook, little did they know what they were getting into. It started off in 2010 after the duo - both long time Hyderabadis put out a few videos that portrayed typical Hyderabad culture and people in a lighter sense. Today, the page called "Hyderabadi Diaries" has a fan following of thousands and is growing stronger each day. A new video is out every Tuesday with each video getting more hits than the previous one. Their recent rendition of a famous track by '3 doors down' titled 'Aashiq-E-Biryaani' has taken social media by storm with true biryaani lovers going gaga over the song. "I always had a thing for movies since I was 3. I made my first video in 2010 and have been making them ever since." says Abrar Khan, one of the founders of the page. Though the two friends are not together now, with Abrar in Qatar and Sharukh in Hyderabad, they have managed to do just fine. "He gives me concepts and I write the dialogues. After that I shoot my part here and send it across to him so he can edit it all together before publishing them" Abrar adds. Neither of them expected that they would ever get so much attention. "I work in the process engineering department and Shahrukh is still studying and running a hotel business on the side and we never thought it would go this far, I mean we had an idea of how it would progress but this was unexpected." he adds. Their page even has a verified account now on YouTube and a series of Hyderabadi Vine compilations with hilarious references to everyday scenarios that a true Hyderabadi faces.   HD Vine combo 1   HD Vine Combo 2   HD Vine combo 3 The page has received a lot of love but not without their fair share of hate."Trust me. We have received lots of hate too, but we're used to it now. You can never please everyone. It's just impossible." a good spirited Abrar adds. The group has a huge fan following of young college students who can relate to most of their videos and beg the group to come up with them more frequently. The group also did a recent Q&A video where they tried to answer as many questions as they could from their fans. Q & A session The duo are overwhelmed with the response received and have no plans of putting an end to this anytime soon.  When asked about their plans for the future, Abrar spoke about plans to travel to India soon. "We have a LOT of projects lined up for when I come to India, both big and small. Lets see what happens." The Facebook page for Hyderabad Diaries can be found here. Tweet Follow @thenewsminute
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