Bengaluru body builder aka 'Arnold Schwarzenegger of Whitefield' recently won the Mr Asia title in Philippines.

Meet the Arnold Schwarzenegger who drives a water tanker in Bengalurus Whitefield
news Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - 16:04

Meet Bengaluru’s Balakrishna G Balu on his day job as the driver of a water tanker, and you might fail to notice him. But Balakrishna is anything but ordinary. Adding yet another feather to his cap, he recently won the title of Mr Asia 2016 at the fifth Phil-Asia international bodybuilding championship in Philippines. 

Alongside his many medals, the 24-year-old also proudly wears the moniker of "Arnold Schwarzenegger of Whitefield".  The informal title is very appropriate, since it was the Hollywood action man that inspired him to become a bodybuilder.

As a teenager, Balakrishna had watched the Hollywood star's 1985 film "Commando", and that was when he decided to take up bodybuilding seriously. 

"When I go to places where people recognise me, they start calling me Schwarzenegger. I have earned it," he proudly says. 

Balakrishna's chiseled body and numerous achievements are the result of years of rigorous training, an iron will and self-discipline.  

Obsessed as he is with fitness, Balakrishna works out for almost five hours every day. 

The muscleman, who weighs in at 90kg, says his everyday diet includes 750 gm chicken, 25 egg whites, 250 gm of fish on alternate days, 300 gm of rice and protein supplements.

"I spend nearly Rs 40,000-50,000 per month on food and supplements alone," he says, adding that his specialised diet by itself makes it very difficult to maintain his training without adequate funds.

Over the years he has won several championships at the state, national and international levels. Among these, he says, are winning the open state champion title 48 times, eight national level gold medals, the 2013 Mr Universe title in the Under-24 competition in Germany and the Mr World title in Greece. 

When he is not busy competing in contests, he works as a gym trainer and also runs a water tanker business.

Balakrishna started the business six years ago because he needed extra income to support his family and his training as well. 

"My father passed away several years ago and my mother is a farmer. I started the business to bring home money. Though I train in my cousin brother's gym only, I need money to spend on food and training," he says. 

While he also drives the water tanker, he has assistants to look after it when he is training. 

Balakrishna aims to own a gym some day and train several other budding Schwarzeneggers.

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