Media bus at Rio Olympics attacked, windows 'blown out'

A few minor injuries were reported.
Media bus at Rio Olympics attacked, windows 'blown out'
Media bus at Rio Olympics attacked, windows 'blown out'
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Journalists travelling between two events in the Rio Olympics in a media bus were in for a shock after a window of the vehicle was blown out on Tuesday.

While some reports suggest that the window was blown out by an apparent bullet, it is yet to be confirmed.

The Mirror reported:

Images captured online showed a window in the vehicle blown out. It stopped and was immediately evacuated as it left the Deodoro venue, according to reports in Brazil. They had been to watch women's basketball and were being taken back to the Media Centre in the Olympic Park.

"We are aware that a media bus travelling from Deodoro to Barra on the Transcarioca had two windows broken by objects coming from the surrounding area. The security authorities are now investigating the incident and we await their report before making further comment," an official statement said.

A few minor injuries were reported.

The Daily Mail quotes a photographer on board the bus as saying:

We were travelling from the hockey venue to the Main Press Centre. I was sitting at the back. There was a popping, cracking noise. The bus didn't come to a stop but paused. Everyone was on the floor so I got on the floor as well. The bus driver stopped the bus about half a minute afterwards. People started shouting 'just keep going'. After a couple of minutes we had a police escort. A few minutes later the bus pulled over on the motorway and the driver spoke to the police. Then we all got back on the bus and came back to the main transport mall.

Investigators suspect that the incident could've been caused by a section of people who were against the Olympics being held in Brazil.

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