The letter also said that if youth remain unmarried for longer period can ruin the society

Marriage is more important than education Kerala church priest tells believers
news Sunday, April 03, 2016 - 09:44

Mar Mathew Anikkuzhikattil, bishop of Idukki Diocese in Kerala has urged believers to give more importance to marriage over education. A diocese circular given to the churches says, “Most youngsters think that they can delay marriage till they complete their education and get a good job, this is not right perception. Marriage is not an obstacle to pursuing education and obtaining jobs,” The Times of India reports.

The pastoral letter said the youngsters who postpone marriage for education tend to involve in immoral activities.

The Bishop has blamed media for ‘activities’ against marriage. He said that the present media culture is giving the youth flawed ideas on marriage, giving them the view that one should get hitched only after enjoying life, and that results in increasing number of immoral activities, he says.

“Each parish should have at least 10 ideal couples, who should become role models for those unmarried,” the letter said.

 “Fertility diminishes after the age of 30 due to reasons like various diseases, addiction to liquor, usage of narcotics, life style etc,” the bishop added.

The letter also said that if youth remain unmarried for longer period, they could ruin society.

 “Sexual purity and chastity should not be considered as virtues of the olden times and should become a novel dedication for the future,” he said, ToI reports.

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