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The News Minute | January 22, 2015 | 10.20 am IST S Gurumurthy, the original petitioner in the Supreme Court in connection to the illegal telephone case involving former Union minister Dayanidhi Maran has questioned why the three arrests made on Wednesday have come seven years too late. After the arrests of three persons including Sun TV’s CTO S Kannan by the CBI on Wednesday, Dayanidhi Maran at a press conference said that the arrests are being done to satisfy someone at the RSS. Maran said, ""The CBI has made these arrests to satisfy an RSS ideologue. This RSS man thinks he is the brain of Tamil Nadu." Though Maran did not name the RSS man, it was evident that he was pointing a finger at S Gurumurthy who had exposed the scam in a series of articles in 2011. In response to the allegations of who the unnamed RSS person could be, Gurumuthy said that even if Maran had named him, it could not be more ridiculous. "Maran's allegations could not be more ridiculous. This case came up during the UPA regime. I made the expose only based on CBI documents," Gurumurthy told The News Minute. He pointed out that the question is not about the three arrests made now , but about why there have been no arrests in the last seven years. He also accused the previous UPA government and the DMK of delaying the case and keeping the investigation going in abeyance. In 2013, Gurumurthy filed a petition in the Supreme Court alleging political intervention in the case and pleading that the Court must investigate and bring the offenders to book. After Maran pointed out that third-degree treatment had been meted out to the three arrested by the CBI, Gurumurthy said that Maran could approach and prove the same in court. The CBI arrested Sun TV’s CTO S Kannan, KS Ravi, an electrician at Sun TV’s office as well as V Gowthaman, Dayandhi Maran’s then additional Private Secretary on Wednesday in connection to the illegal telephone case. Gurumurthy however said that the arrests were only procedure. “It is necessary to make sure those connected with the case are arrested and questioned to get evidence before approaching the big names,” he said. Former Union Minister Dayanidhi Maran has alleged that the CBI has meted out third degree treatment to the three arrested in relation to the illegal It was Gurumurthy who had alleged that then telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran had installed 323 ISDN lines in the year 2006 at his Chennai residence. The scam exposed in 2010 landed up at the Supreme Court in 2013. Gurumurthy had then on to quote the CBI saying that the Maran home was programmed in such a manner that no one than the authorised BSNL staff were aware of the existence created for his exclusive use, said the report. Tweet Follow @thenewsminute
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