Manoharachari was dangerously drunk when he hacked daughter, her husband: Hyd cops

Madhavi was critically injured in the attack while Sandeep did not have any life threatening injuries.
Manoharachari was dangerously drunk when he hacked daughter, her husband: Hyd cops
Manoharachari was dangerously drunk when he hacked daughter, her husband: Hyd cops
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There was chaos outside Hyderabad’s Yashoda hospital on Wednesday evening as just hours ago 20-year-old Madhavi had been rushed for critical care treatment after having been attacked by her own father for allegedly marrying a man of her own choice. West Zone DCP Srinivas AR addressed the media in the night and stated that the man's intention was mainly to attack his daughter.

Madhavi's father Manoharachari was arrested by the police on Wednesday night. "We picked up the girl’s father Manoharachari in MS Maqtha near Somajiguda. He was angered by his daughter’s decision to marry Sandeep against his wishes, which was his reason to attack the couple. We can't say if it's driven by caste-based motives,” the DCP said, adding, “He was the sole person behind the attack, there was no conspiracy of any sort.”

The DCP also stated that Chari had claimed he had no intention of harming Sandeep and had only targeted his daughter Madhavi. When it was pointed out that in the CCTV footage Chari had attacked Sandeep first, the DCP hastily added that Chari must have reacted in the moment.

The police also stated that Chari, who’d allegedly been drinking for many days straight prior to the attack, was dangerously drunk during the time of the incident.

“Chari is a serious alcoholic. He had apparently been drinking for many days prior to this incident and was also drunk at the time of the attack. When we caught him, we found his blood alcohol content to be dangerously high," he said.

The police said that as of 7.57 pm on Wednesday, his blood alcohol level was 357 micrograms/100 ml. For context, the city traffic police considers any amount over 30 mg/100 ml to be drunk driving. A person with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or more is considered “legally intoxicated” in most states, however the exact amount varies, though generally 0.03% is considered the legally permissible amount.

According to the police officer, Manoharachari was also in a fit of rage. "Both the parents of the girl have been outraged with her decision to marry Sandeep,” said the DCP.

Many others, including Sandeep’s uncle Venu, feel that Chari may have been motivated by the recent murder of Pranay.

Though Sandeep's family, who belong to a scheduled caste, said that Manoharachari had opposed Sandeep due to his caste, police downplayed this saying that even during the counselling sessions they held between the couple and the parents, caste was not brought up.

“The weapon was picked up by Manoharachari from a coconut venodor’s shop when the latter had stepped away to eat lunch. Further details will be revealed as the investigation proceeds,” ended DCP Srinivas.

The incident took place earlier on Wednesday in Hyderabad’s Erragadda. CCTV footage showing Chari attacking Sandeep and Madhavi with what appears to be a sickle began circulating soon after the attack. The couple was rushed by bystanders to Neelima Hospital where Sandeep, who had sustained a deep gash to the cheek, was stabilised. Madhavi had suffered multiple injuries and her left arm was nearly amputated. She was shifted to Yashoda Hospital where a team of doctors is currently monitoring her condition and have stated that she remains extremely critical.

Meanwhile, a case has been registered under Section 307 (Attempt to murder) of the IPC and relevant sections of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

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