"Let your name Minnal Pinar be our light and the thunderstorm that strikes at the hidden dangers we face every day”

Manju warrier has a message for Pinarayi Vijayan
news Saturday, May 21, 2016 - 18:11

In an evocative letter, actor Manju Warrier has appealed to Kerala’s soon-to-be CM Pinarayi Vijayan to ensure that the women of the state feel safe during his tenure.

After congratulating him on his victory, she says that before he became busy with administrative affairs, she would like to bring to his notice a matter of importance, that of women’s safety.

“Since you were brought up in common living conditions, I am sure that you will understand this better (than others). One of the main election promises your front offered was women safety. That should be the biggest solace and hope for Kerala in the next five years,” she said in her short letter on Facebook, posted on Saturday evening.

She said that it was important for the government to take the issue seriously as women were “scared to walk out in the daylight or to sleep at home in the night”. “Women are scared of the moment that they are alone.”

Manju said that fear of strangers that women had was something of a north Indian phenomenon. “The insecurity which was present throughout the country has now become the biggest concern of Kerala’s women. Until now we looked at north India and consoled ourselves by thinking we would not face it. But when became fearful when we realized that the vulture the same, regardless of time or place.”

However, it is here, that she chooses a safe path: she blames no one for this state of affairs. “This is no one's fault. This happens because some social situations have taken a turn for the worse over a period of time. But it is the women who suffer the most. No streets are safe. Moreover, Jisha's experience proved that even at home we are not safe.”

Referring to news reports that claimed that Jisha always kept a hidden pen-camera on her person, Manju said that the fear of “that person”, the arrival of an unknown man had pushed “your mothers and sisters” into carrying such devices around.

Manju ends by saying that she hopes the new government would take necessary action to get women out of this nightmarish situation.

Referring to the name given to Pinarayi Vijayan after the LDF won the elections – Minnal Pinar, meaning a thunderstorm – Manju said: “I also wish that each woman can say that she feels safe under your rule. Let your name Minnal Pinar be our light and the thunderstorm that strikes at the hidden dangers we face every day.”