He was left outside the bathroom and allegedly asked to crawl in to relieve himself.

Man tortured at Chennai de-addiction centre left with broken leg for 25 days
news Crime Friday, June 30, 2017 - 09:14

A patient at a de-addiction centre in the outskirts of Chennai has allegedly been tortured and left unattended with a broken leg for the last 25 days. Police arrested the owner of the centre, after the patient was finally brought to a hospital for treatment, reports The New Indian Express.

According to reports, thus incident occurred at a centre at Vilangadupakkam in Red Hills. The patient, 63-year-old Selvaraj, was taken to Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital for treatment. Doctors at the hospital suspected that he had sustained injuries due to severe assault and immediately alerted the police. R Mohan Raj, a 33-year-old BE graduate who runs the centre was arrested was reportedly arrested on Wednesday. 

"On the first day, my family left me there, the samiyar (as the saffron clad Mohan Raj was called) asked me to sit on the floor. He then suddenly took out a huge wooden log and delivered a blow on my head and legs. Blood from my head soaked my white shirt into red and I could not even move my leg since then," Selvaraj told Express. He was reportedly admitted to the centre by his family as he spent all the money he received as a daily wage labourer on alcohol. 

None of his family members were allowed to see him after he was assaulted. While the staff at the centre carried him to the bathroom for the first three days, following that they left him outside the toilet. He was allegedly asked to crawl in the bathroom to use it. 

Violence at de addiction centres is not new to Tamil Nadu. 

Last year, a video that had spread on social media, showed a 31-year-old man being beaten up at a de-addiction centre by the staff. The man was later found hanging dead in his house in Nolambur.

In April this year a tender coconut seller, died in the “God Helping Foundation” after suffering severe injuries. Police reportedly found that his nine rib bones were broken and he had suffered injuries throughout the body indicating severe torture.