Man seen molesting women at railway station in Kerala, videos go viral

The railway police refuse to take action on account of not receiving an official complaint and the uncertainty of the location.
Man seen molesting women at railway station in Kerala, videos go viral
Man seen molesting women at railway station in Kerala, videos go viral
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A few Facebook videos, in which a man is seen harassing women at the Ernakulam South railway station, have been doing the rounds online. Following this, several media reports on Monday and Tuesday reported that the Ernakulam railway police is on the lookout for the man in the video.

The videos were posted on Facebook by a man named Ratheesh Kochukaatil on Sunday. He put up four videos, three videos showing the man misbehaving with the women and one video in which Ratheesh is explaining the incident.

Ratheesh claims that the incident happened at the Ernakulam South railway station when he and his family were waiting to board the Jan Shatabdi Express to Thiruvananthapuram, which was scheduled to arrive at 5.30 pm.

“Once we were at the station, I had gone to buy refreshments. When I returned, my wife complained that a man tried to misbehave with her,” says Ratheesh in his video.

“Initially she was not sure if it was this particular man, but on observing him, we later saw that he is trying to do the same with other women as well and that was when I decided to take a video of this,” added Ratheesh.

“We saw that this guy kept brushing his hands against the women who sat next to him. He did the same to three women,” says Ratheesh.

In the videos, the women are seen walking away from the seat when they started feeling uncomfortable.

In the first video, the man is seen brushing his hand against the woman seated next to him. The woman, however, shifts away.

In the second video, the man is seen seated next to another woman, a mother and her children this time. He nonchalantly keeps his hand next to the woman’s hand and hip. In a deplorable move, he goes on to pull the woman's child’s cheek. The two walk away soon.

The third video shows yet another audacious move by the pervert. He slips his finger under the woman seated in front of him and stroked her bottom. She, too, moves away.

Ratheesh, in his video, says that he wanted to react during the incident, but when one woman walked away, immediately another woman came and sat next to him and he continued to misbehave with them as well.

“After taking these videos, I went to look for the police officers to report the incident. But when I came back, the man was missing,” says Ratheesh.

With the videos doing the rounds on social media, news reports on Tuesday said that the railway police have begun the hunt for the man in the video.

TNM got in touch with officials from the Ernakulam Railway Police, who said that they cannot take action at the moment as they cannot confirm whether the incident took place at the Ernakulam South railway station.

“If the man (Ratheesh) hands over the videos to us, we can take formal action against the culprit. Instead, we have been receiving these videos through WhatsApp only. Besides, from our investigations, we cannot even confirm if the incident took place at the Ernakulam South station because there is a tendency to portray any incident to have happened in Ernakulam as it is a busy as well as an important station in the state.,” said an official at the Ernakulam Police Station.

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