news Friday, June 12, 2015 - 05:30
    When Chiluveri Srucharan, a resident of Jagtial mandal in Telangana, ordered a phone from Flipkart recently, he was surprised when he received two mangoes in his package. Srucharan had already paid Rs 8,099 while placing his order. Srucharan, an electrical engineer, says he is still trying to get either the mobile phone he had originally ordered for 10 days ago, or a refund instead.     Speaking to The News Minute, he says "I bought the phone during the mega sale that Flipkart had on May 26. I almost know my order number by heart now after repeating it to so many people." Srucharan initially thought it was a mistake on the courier's part and contacted them. Later when he realized that the order number on the box matched with his, it dawned that there had been a mix up by Flipkart.   (A screenshot taken by Srucharan on Flipkart's initial reply)   “I was first informed that the amount will be refunded within 24 hours. Then they told me that the phone would be shipped to my address within 24 hours. The third time I got a message from Flipkart saying that my replacement has been cancelled as they noticed an 'unwarranted return', and I've been mailing them since," says Srucharan.     Tired of this, Srucharan took to Facebook to post a picture of the mangoes and the box and has given Flipkart a deadline of June 14, after which he plans to go to the consumer forum.   Hi friends I booked a mobile on flipkart 26th may order number 0D002947033911410000 but I getting 2 mangos on courier... Posted by Srucharan Chiliveri on Tuesday, June 9, 2015   "What do I do with these mangoes? I just left them in the box," he added. "This is the fourth time I ordered from Flipkart and it's probably the last. I thought they had excellent customer support but I have been running pillar to post for 10 days now but to no avail," says order number OD002947033911410000.  
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