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The News Minute | September 19, 2014 | 10:13 pm IST Ashish Mitra was in for a surprise recently when he boarded the Delhi Metro to return home from office. He came across a man who looked familiar to him. In the coach, travelling with him and many others was Y V Reddy, a former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India.  Mitra published a post, along with pictures, on his Facebook page the very same day describing his chance encounter with the former governor. The Padma Vibhushan awardee's simplicity is what seems to have touched Mitra the most.  He wrote:  'Sir, I think I have seen you..., whats your name sir.?" 'Reddy'.... 'Sorrry..??..!! " 'Reddy..!!' ( RBI Governor (2003 - 2008) Y V Reddy. Found him on Delhi Metro today travelling so simplistically.. people around him unaware about his credentials... ) "You mean the previous 'Governor of Reserve Bank of India, Y V Reddy?.. You mean the currency right now I am holding bears your signature?" He smiled..... ( "Sir, May I take your photograph?"'You can find them on Google.., rather.. take your picture with me".. "Thanks." RBI Governor (2003-2008) found while travelling in Delhi Metro.., unfazed about people around not recognizing him.., except zanies like me... ) Got a chance today to match shoulders with the retired RBI Governor, Y V Reddy on board Delhi Metro, while returning back from office. He held the post of Governor of Reserve Bank of India from 2003 to 2008 & I found him travelling in the Delhi Metro today in such simplicity as a dust, unfazed by the inconspicuousness of the people around him..!! He's currently the chairman of 14th Finance Commission of India, a body constituted under the India Constitution every 15 years to decide the allocation of finances between the Centre & State. Hats off...!!! ( Shri. Y V Reddy was RBI Governor from 2003 to 2008. Currencies issued during that period bear his signature.!! ) Image Source: Ashish Mitra's Facebook Page; captions are the same as used by Ashish Mitra on his Facebook post 
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