Two guard dogs in his farm in Vellore attacked him

Man mauled to death by his pet Rottweilers in Tamil NaduRepresentational image
news Thursday, July 14, 2016 - 09:43

In a village in Vellore district, a man was mauled to death by his two pet Rottweiler dogs in his farm at on Tuesday night. The incident happened when he tried to feed them.

According to The New Indian Express, the victim Kirubakaran was working at the office of the Additional Director General of Police, Government Railway Police in Chennai as an assistant. He visited his mango farm at Kattupakkam village near Arakkonam on Tuesday. He went to feed the two Rottweiler dogs at night when the dogs attacked him, police said.

For three years he had one guard dog at the farm and fed it at 8 p.m everyday. Just three days ago, he got a male Rottweiler dog and kept him in the farm along with his dog.

“He used to feed them raw meat every night. On Tuesday, he was late for feeding the dogs and entered the shed after an hour of the feeding time,” a police officer said.   When he entered to feed them, the hungry dogs attacked him. 

His upper body was found mauled and he bled to death. The family members found him dead inside the shed one hour after the incident happened while searching for him as he didn’t return home.

Police registered a case and sent the body to Sholingur Government Hospital for post mortem.

This is not the first incident of mauling reported. Virugambakkam residents witnessed strays biting 16 people over a period of days in April this year. Among them was a six-year-old girl who was mauled by a stray dog on Duraisamy Street. The dog also bit a neighbour who went to the girl's rescue. In a few minutes the dog had bitten 2 others.