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The News Minute | March 3, 2015 | 01.20 pm IST In crowded cities like Chennai, the sight of a valet-providing hotel or restaurant is a welcome sign of relief for many customers. While hotels may have sufficient place for parking, restaurants usually located on main roads make it difficult for customers to find comfortable parking - thus the welcome presence of valet. However, one Chennai-based family alleges they found out the hard way about the ill-effects of making use of such valet services. Speaking to The News Minute, a senior businessman, who did not want to be named, narrated the sequence of events when his son had visited a popular hotel in Chennai and spent over three hours during the afternoon the Sunday before last. After availing himself of the valet’s services , he had taken the car back home, he said. But it was only a few days later, said the businessman that his wife sitting in the passenger seat of the car had found a used condom in the hand rest. “She was shocked …..the condom had semen in it,” he said. The industrialist’s 35 year-old son then called and lodged a complaint with the hotel. However, with no immediate response and after a number of lethargically-responded calls with the hotel last Sunday, the businessman in question shared this story on Facebook which evoked heated discussions amongst other users and a quick call back from senior officials at the hotel. "The case as such is not particularly isolated to the hotel in question. Many a time, hotels are tied up with service providers who enable them a constant supply of employees. However, it is important that hotels ensure a strict check on cars under valet as well their employees so as to ensure such incidents do not reoccur", he said. Twist in the tale The hotel which initially apologised to the customer’s father later however said they were in no way responsible or connected with the incident as the car had been self-driven. “Its a false comment made in the case. We have the CDs of all the footage .. at mentioned time the car is self parked and it was not by our drivers,” said a senior official at the hotel. “We have the register who is coming who is going out. We parked next to our hotels. We know how many cars we have outside. it has not happened in our premises.” he said referring to the incident. According to the PR head of the hotel, their “first response had been to apologise to the guest”. The PR also said that once the CCTV camera footage was checked it had been made clear that none of their valet employees had touched the vehicle. It had been conveyed to the complainant that the hotel was not responsible for the incident. The Facebook post itself has been taken down after a request by the hotel officials. Tweet Follow @thenewsminute
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